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350 New Bikes to be Given to Karachi Police

Recently if you have spotted the police with these flashy new bikes, do not get astonished. Apparently, tables have turned and good times are here to stay or maybe that’s how we would like to assume. The law enforcement agencies have been granted with new bikes and that even 350 in number. The main aim of providing these bikes to the police is to maintain law and order in the country. It is no surprise that during Ramadan crime rate is at peak. These bikes will help the police to patrol the city more often.

This will aid to maintain the peace in the city of lights, Karachi.
According to IG Sindh Allah Dino Khawaja, these bikes will help in increased patrolling. Particularly focusing on keeping law and order in check before Taraweeh and Iftar.
However, the meeting was attended by number of dignitaries. It was pleasant to witness that all of them were focused towards one mission. The main focus and mission was well-being of the public and city on the whole.
Not really sure if the step is useful and if it will help improve the performance. Yet it is appreciable that finally our police is being concerned about the public. The question which does arise here is if bikes were the major need of police and public?