Five Advantages of Good Engine Oil for Vehicles |

5 Advantages of Good Quality Engine Oil

The importance of engine oil is often overlooked. Even if at times the bike gets lucky to get an engine oil, it will be an ordinary one. Most probably the cheapest one available in the market. The thing which is ignored by the majority is that it one of the products which keep the engine going. Its impossible to start the engine without engine oil. therefore, it remains immense important to invest in the good quality of engine oil. However, another question which remains unanswered is what makes an engine oil stands out. In other words what features or attributes make an engine oil good or bad. There are roughly 5 basic qualities to look for when finding an engine oil for motorcycles. Certainly, these qualities help to identify if it’s a good engine oil.

Good Lubrication

The main purpose of engine oil is to provide lubrication. The most obvious and quite basic component of an engine oil. The engine oil works between the mechanical components of the bike, providing lubrication where necessary. Since an engine is made of metal and too much rubbing against the components, heat the engine. As a result, the molecules of engine oil works by a formation of the layer. Keeping the engine functioning properly and efficiently. Often it is noticed that the size and quality of engine oil molecules don’t really have a significant impact on the engine. However, investing in synthetic oil is a better option. Resulting in better maintenance of an engine. Never buy an engine oil only because its cheap. Often try to opt for popular brands because they are popular for a reason.

Fuel Efficiency is improved

The good engine oil is the one which provides maximum lubrication, resulting in the least friction between engine parts. As the friction decreases, so do the wastage of petrol. Therefore, if an engine oil is good it ensures that petrol is used efficiently. Often when the engine oil is used, the friction between the engine is increased and piston requires more energy. As a result, more petrol is used for power generation. In short, having a good engine oil in your motorcycle adds to saving up huge bucks.

Engine Life Accelerates

The basic function of, engine and its part is to rub against each other in order to make it work. Since the parts are of the metal great amount of friction is produced which end up in wear and tear. A good engine oil forms a thin layer between these parts preventing them from rubbing and scratching against each other. Reducing heat generation, which adds up to accelerating the life of an engine.

Expect Greater Performance

The good engine oil is beneficial for the motorcycle at so many levels. An engine oil improves the overall performance of the bike. The mineral engine oil is said to be an average, therefore the impact it has on the engine is minimal too. Do not expect an average engine oil to give you extraordinary results. On the other hand, a synthetic engine oil is said to have a great impact on the performance of the bike. Therefore, one can easily label synthetic engine oil as good engine oil. However, it is surprising to know that to increase the performance of the bike one should mix both the oils. Use a combination of both the engines oils, it will not only be friendly on the pocket but will provide decent engine performance.

Clean Engine

By now you must be sure about endless advantages of good engine oil. Adding on, if one has good engine oil it further helps to keep the engine clean. Thinking how? When the engine is working, it tends to attract and hold several particles and contaminants. These foreign bodies are collected by the engine oil and saved in the oil filter. Keeping the engine working in perfect condition and avoiding damage. Moreover, a synthetic engine oil can be labeled as good engine oil. Since they are much smoother in comparison to mineral oils and have a better capacity to hold impurities. Whereas, certain at times mineral oil fails at holding back impurities and ends up spinning them in the engine. Resulting in expensive damage to an engine.