7 Things You Should Check If Your Motorcycle is Not Starting

7 Things You Should Check If Your Motorcycle is Not Starting

7 Things You Should Check If Your Motorcycle is Not Starting

Do you want to know what makes your bike to stop working? If yes, then scroll down and read out with few of the major and important reasons to learn that how you can check if your motorcycle has stopped working so suddenly!

Weak or Dead Battery:

The battery that is safely secured to your bike is indeed the lifeline of its entire electrical system. Some of the major signs of the dead battery come out when you are trying to push the horn button or trying to switch on with the headlights but no function is being performed completely.

Short of Fuel:

When you are running short of fuel then the best solution will be to shake your bike gently just as at top of the one main stand and should be waiting around for the time as to hear that typical telltale slosh of remaining fuel if any from the tank. Alternatively, you could also check it using the flashlight on your mobile phone.

Improper Fuel Tank Vent:

You will view that there is a small vent that is set out to be the part of the fuel tank of your motorcycle. You can think about to unclog the vent all through the use of the thin wire or any kind of the pin just asset with the forced blow in that hole.

Clutch is not Working Properly:

When you are starting your bike and the transmission is in gear, you need to pull the clutch lever properly. Most of the time requires that the clutch is not able to work as properly and correctly. The best solution out would be bringing the transmission in the proper functioning and then try it once again on the neutral basis.

Blocking Intake:

If you are using any kind of the blocked air box in your bike then it can come about to be one of the big issues in starting as well. It would be better enough if you would be checking on with the intake and also the exhaust system of the bike if any sort of extra thing is being part of it.

Loose Spark Plug Wire:

Sometimes having the loose spark plugging wire in your bike can also come about to be one of the main reasons out. You do not need to get into consultation with any mechanic to make it get fix. You just have to re-plug the connector yet again and start the bike.

Engine Cutoff Switch:

This is another one of the common reasons that would make you learn that now your bike will not be starting. You might miss out turning off the switch of the bike and this will crack the bike functioning.