New Bikes 700 enters in Karachi City Roads Every Day |

700 New Bikes Hit Karachi Roads Every Day

By every passing day, the streets of Karachi are also getting super crowded. Mainly because of the number of new bikes Karachi is increasing drastically. Every day approximately 700 new bikes are being introduce in Karachi city. Increasing the number of bikes to 2.7 million in  Pakistan. This is giving rise to serious transport problems in the metropolitan city. The city is already facing multiple traffic concerns. One of the most serious concern is the public transport system of the city getting weaker day by day.

During the recent year, the number of new bike manufacturers entered the market. Resulting in decline in prices of the vehicle. Making it convenient for people to make the purchase. Apparently, the middle class was the one suffering from deteriorating public transport concern. Under such condition, reduced prices of bike acted as a sign of relief for the community. There is approximately 230% increase in new bikes number in Karachi. Giving rise to serious traffic concern.

Karachi population is roughly 20million. Still, it lacks basic resources such as proper road infrastructure or management of traffic system. Adding on people lacking basic road sense making conditions worse.
Since the number of new bikes in Karachi roads is increasing. Similarly, the number of these bikes being used in street crimes is increasing as well. The figures showed a drastic increase in data presented in Sindh Assembly meeting by Anti Car Lifting Cell (ACLC). Also, the number of bikes being registered in 2007 was 1/3 in comparison to 2017. In 2007, only 339 new bikes were registered in Karachi each day. However, now 702 new bikes in Karachi are registered each day.

On the contrary, bike manufacturers are continuously looking at Karachi as the main market for business. It is one of the biggest provinces and is in great need of transport. Particularly that the city comprises mainly of the middle class. A new bike which was previously available for PKR.70,000 is now easily available for the only PKR.40,000. Making it easier for local people to purchase a new bikes. This may make citizens happy but certainly, city infrastructure in under threat.
People responsible for managing city infrastructure are focusing on what exactly is causing an increase in a number of bikes. Irrespective of the fact that bikes are dangerous. Motorbike is one of the mode of transport which is responsible for the highest number of accidents. Still, people prefer to buy it and it is certainly alarming.

The main reason one can think of is that the public transport is in miserable condition. It is not only physically untidy and uncomfortable. It is also never on time. People using this public transport for going to school, university or jobs can surely not rely on it. Therefore, they have to come up with an alternative. The only thing they can think of is buying a new bikes. A vehicle which is not going to be heavy in their pocket. Also, will allow them to perform their responsibilities successfully. This is why there is a drastic increase in a number of new bikes on the road.
On the other hand, the infrastructure is not meeting the increasing demand for transport on road. Resulting in massive traffic jams and chaos.