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Amazing Motorcycle Facts

Motorcycle Facts – Nobody can deny the fact that the two-wheeler; a motorbike is the most important and useful means of transportation all around the world. Although, smaller than the car, but it has played a significant role since its invention. Riding a car, you are confined in a compartment. You can only see things by sitting inside through the car window. Whereas traveling on a motorcycle, you are in contact with almost everything that comes in your way! However, the risk of riding a motorcycle and getting caught up in an accident is far greater than riding in a car, to be precise, 30 times more fatal.

The cool breeze that touches your face and the exhilarating roar of the engine when you start a bike is a fascinating combination for a motorcycle fan. In addition to this, Motorcycle being one of the most affordable transports finds its presence in almost every household. About 200 million motorcycles are in use across the globe.

The most familiar type of automobile; motorcycle has some amazing motorcycle facts that you didn’t know.

The first Motorcycles

The very first motorcycles were powered by steam and built in the 1800s.The first gas-powered motorbike was built in 1885 by the same people who would go on to produce the Mercedes.

The first person to coin the name

British inventor Edward Butler is credited with coining the term ‘motorcycle’ when inventing a 3-wheeled petrol vehicle in 1884.

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Facts

In 1903, William Harley and Arthur Davidson were students in Milwaukee when they built their first motorcycle on a borrowed lathe from patterns they had made.
Harley-Davidson is the number one motorcycle manufacturer in the industry. According to its most recent figures, the company sold more than 35,000 bikes in the first quarter of 2014.
The very first Harley-Davidson motorcycle used a tomato can for a carburetor.

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Harley Davidson

Fastest land speed on a Motorcycle

Rocky Robinson, according to the Guinness World Book of Records, set the record for the fastest land speed on a motorcycle in his souped-up encapsulated Ack Attack. With a net horsepower of between 700 and 900, Robinson reached speeds of more than 375 mph on September 25, 2010.



Golden Age of Motorcycles

The 1950s was a “golden age” for the motorcycle, with its use being popularized by such prominent figures in popular culture as James Dean in his movie “Rebel Without a Cause.” The United States and Europe dominated the motorcycle industry through 1960, at which time Japanese manufacturers, including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki, rose to a prominence they maintain to this day.

Longest Motorcycle

The world’s longest motorcycle, built in Russia in 2005, is 31 feet long and seats up to 16 people.

Motorcycle Facts in Pakistan

Out of 2 million motorcycles that are sold in Pakistan yearly, about 1 million are assembled by local assemblers including United, Ghani, Super Power, Unique, BML, Crown, Eagle, Hero, Metro, Osaka, Pak-Hero, Power, Ravi, Road Prince, Sohrab, Star, Super Asia, Treet, ZXMCO and many others.

The longest-ever backward motorcycle ride

The record for longest-ever backward motorcycle ride was set by HouXiaobin in Binzhou City, China, and lasted 150 km.

Largest Motorcycle Pyramid

The world’s largest motorcycle pyramid completed by Indian Army’s Daredevil Team, with 201 men riding on 10 bikes.

Suzuki Hayabusa

The name ‘Hayabusa’ is Japanese for peregrine falcon, which preys on blackbirds. So it is also a name of fighter plane used in World War 2 the Nakajima Ki-43,  used as a Kamikaze plane.

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Sports Bike

Modern sports-bike tires don’t contain any actual rubber at all. As they made from synthetic rubber, which is beneficial due to balance between durability and traction.

The longest distance covered by Motorcycle

The longest motorcycle riding distance in 24 hours was 2,019.4 miles set by American L. Russell “Rusty” Vaughn at the Continental Tire Test Track, Uvalde, Texas, USA, on 10 August 2011.

Ducati Motorcycle Facts

Ducati,  a family-owned firm that opened in Bologna, Italy, in 1935, started with a humble beginning, making parts for radios before building motorized bicycles fitted with a 48cc SIATA engine. By 1950, more than 200,000 of these Ducati ‘Cucciolos’ (Italian for puppy) had been sold and two years later the company was making its own motorcycles and engines.

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Kawasaki Motorcycle Facts

Kawasaki was also the manufacturers of personal watercraft, ships, electronics, construction equipment tractors, trains, helicopters, jet engines, missiles and space rockets.

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Yamaha and the beginning

Yamaha began life in 1887 as a piano manufacturer but today is a multinational conglomerate which still produces musical instruments, but also boats, car engines, swimming pools, industrial robots, wheelchairs, RVs, electronics, and golf carts amongst other things and motorcycles.

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