The Ongoing False Rumors Regarding Amnesty Scheme for Cars |

The Ongoing False Rumors Regarding Amnesty Scheme for Cars

The poor public transport system has urged people to switch to their very own medium of transport. In order to full fill this need, a number of people turn to banks for auto-loan. Other people either buy a used vehicle or look up for any schemes. Majority of the time people fail to validate the authenticity of these car schemes. Trusting and believing everything they see over the internet or otherwise. In the recent years, there was a number of similar fraudulent cases reported. Unfortunately, no as such steps were taken against them, leave alone not even reported to police. Today, we would like to warn you about one of the most popular car scheme scam around, the Amnesty Scheme.

Before jumping into an argument, its important to first make clear that what exactly is amnesty scheme. Recently, there was an announcement by Government of Pakistan regarding the introduction of amnesty scheme. Under this scheme, people will be able to legalize their foreign assets which are hidden due to any reason. Its a great opportunity for those who have any property or assets outside Pakistan. Property or asset being legalized will save the individual from several downfalls which can possibly occur in future. The amnesty scheme was further approved by the signature of President of Pakistan, Mr.Mamnoon Hussain.

Immediately after the amnesty scheme approval, a number of rumors started circulating in the region. These rumors were further promoted by those who were involved in importing illegal vehicles in the country. As this was looked upon as an opportunity to sell the vehicle and make some money. However, this is to notify all the individuals out there that amnesty scheme remains invalid on vehicles. There is a widespread debate on the topic if cars can benefit from amnesty scheme? so the answer is no! Amnesty scheme remains valid for foreign assets and not for cars. Therefore, if anyone tries selling you a car which is non-custom paid. Further convincing you that it will be legalized under amnesty scheme, simply say no. Also, Government of Pakistan does not plan on introducing amnesty scheme for cars anywhere in future either.

Amnesty scheme was valid for non-custom paid cars back in 2013. However, even the non-custom paid cars which tried to gain legal status in 2013, their status still remains dicey. These cars are not being transferred or being registered by the excise department till the date. Therefore, it is advisable not to believe in everything you hear. If at any point you start believing in these rumors it is ideal to turn to Google and do some research. A little time invested in research will help you stay away from several problems in future. Adding on, do not pay your hard earned money for non-custom paid cars. Firstly, it is illegal to involve in buying and selling of such cars. Secondly, it will be next to impossible for you to get rid of that vehicle in long run.