Applying for a Learner Driving License ??? Here’s What You Need to Know! |

Applying for a Driving License ??? Here’s What You Need to Know!

We as nation, do not really bother much with carrying a driving license or even getting one made. I personally know quite a few people who have been driving for years but do not have a driving license. Simply, because the procedure is hassle some. Whatever the conditions are there is no excuse for not following the law. In the recent years, the number of accidents were reported mainly due to underage driving or still learning to drive. Total of 9100 accidents were reported in 2015-2016 alone, killing approximately 4448 individuals.

Holding a driving license basically tells the capability of an individual. Lack of information and education is the main reason behind people not acquiring a driving license. On the contrary, those who are educated have careless attitudes towards getting one made.

Just in case you are among the handful of people who aim to acquire a driving license. This article will certainly help you get familiar with the procedure. You will be able to know how to get hold of different categories and types of driving licenses.

The procedure is very much easy for all the individuals irrespective of whatever age group you belong to. The presence of internet has added convenience to everything. Simply browse to Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) website and download the license form. Read it carefully, duly fill it and submit along with the necessary documents.

Learner Driving License

Documents which you usually need to show in case of acquiring permanent license are basic. However, the requirements change according to driving license type you are trying to acquiring. If one ai to acquire Learning Driving License, nothing more than original/copy of NIC is needed. Whereas for the Beginner’s Driving License, one need NIC, Rs.60 ticket from post office. Along with Traffic Rules and Regulation Book which is provided by Traffic  Police Office. Medical Certificate, in case you are 50 or above.

Permanent Driving License

One can apply for Permanent drivinglicense just after 6 weeks of getting Learner Driving License. Get an Application Form (A), along with learner driving license. Medical certificate, 3 passports size attested pictures. Original NIC along with attested copy. Pay the fee and paste the ticket on driving license documents.

International Driving License

Get an International DrivingLicense Application Form. Original NIC along with attested NIC, copy of valid driving license. You would also have to show visa of the country you aim to travel to. Copy of your passport which must have 6 months or above validation. Passport size pictures, two in number and attested. One also needs to pay Court Fees Ticket of PKR.70 and Bank Challan Fees of PKR.450. You may also require showing original documents at the time of form submission. Therefore, it’s better to carry all your original documents to avoid coming back again.

Furthermore, once you have submitted the form and along with formal requirements. Just sit back and relax, since now there is option of checking status of driving license online. Simply log on to DLIMS and check delivery time. However, at the moment this service is only available in Punjab since it been recently introduced by Government of Punjab.