Aprillia 900 Dorsoduro Sport Bike is now Available in Pakistan

Aprillia 900 Dorsoduro Sport Bike is now Available in Pakistan

Aprillia 900 Dorsoduro, one of the Italian bike which is exclusively available none other than in Pakistan.  A bike which is perfect for bike fanatics and is loaded with amazing features and specifications.  The look and feel of the bike is beautiful, it appears to be a beast. Aprillia 900 is powerful, strong grip and furious exterior. It’s perfect for those people who are looking for something premium, thrilling speed, and great bike handling.

Aprilia’s 900 is a mutual project of Piaggio and C.S.P.A, Italian based. The product is marketed in Pakistan by Ravi Group. Followed by the fact that the company is a winner of numerous world titles. Adding on, they are also winners of SBK and World Class Motor Racing. Aprillia is also one of the renown brands in manufacturing both normal bikes and sports or racer bikes. Recently, the company Ravi made some real advancements collaborating with Piaggio. Aprillia 900 is a brand which one can easily get hands-on as its available officially in Pakistan. Ravi Group is now dealing in Piaggio under authorized dealership.

Aprillia 900 is one of their most advanced bikes. It is a distinct bike with great bike features exclusive for racing. Also, the bike is secure with an innovative technology advanced electronic ride.


Aprilia’s 900 is finely designed bike to meet the needs of all the sport bike lovers. The bike provides an unmatched riding experience. Aprillia 900 has one of the designs which is hard to find sleek and attractive, yet it appears to be fierce.

The company makes sports bikes, therefore it must make sure that its style not solely offers top-notch performance however additionally a satisfactory “ride-feel” and adequate space for the rider to seamlessly transition between lean-positions for countering harsh turns and corners.

The superstructures reduced to the least necessary, as something that’s not essential for performance and most riding pleasure has been gone.

It uses a “full Ride-by-wire electronic accelerator system” that ensures economical acceleration and changes engine response supported speed, shell position, throttle grip, temperature, and even air flow.

This system changes fuel/air mixture in the time period to get rid of unnecessary jerks and improve the economy of fuel. Aprillia 900 is switched between Touring, Rain and Sports modes to modify between comfort, smoothness, and power.

Aprillia 900 Specifications

Aprilias 900 is given whopping V Twin, 4 stroke engine with a total displacement of 896CC. It is further combined with engine maps, a total of three in number. It comes with a cooling system which is not air but liquid. The torque power of Aprillia 900 is 90Nm at 6500 RPM. The bike is available with 6-speed transmission and is available with Euro 4 technology, which makes the bike super eco-friendly. Aprillia 900 has a total capacity of 12 liters.

The brakes in front are double disc brakes. Whereas the brakes at the back are stainless steel disc.

Aprillia 900 Price in Pakistan

Aprillia 900 is available in the market for PKR.1,650,000. At the moment, the bike can be purchased from Xtreme Motor Sports located in Lahore. Moreover, it can also be purchased from Mcleod Road. Hope Aprillia 900 manages to have authorized dealers all over Pakistan real soon.