Archi 150cc vs Road Prince Wego 150cc - Comparison |

Archi 150cc vs Road Prince Wego 150cc – Comparison

Archi 150cc of Super Power is a great success up till now. Many of the bikers are extremely happy with the launch of the new model of it. The shape and design of the bike are similar to the heavy bikes making it look very classy. However, when compared to its competitors the prices of the Super Power Archi 150cc is way too much as it costs around Rs. 140,000. Moreover, the fuel efficiency is not that which can be much admired. On average, it only runs around 35-45km in a liter which is quite less when compared with Honda and Suzuki. For a middle-class male who cannot afford expensive bikes, has a great option of buying this heavy bike type Archi 150cc.

The Archi 150cc is a mixture of amazing specs and technology. The engine of the bike is a single cylinder, air cooled 4 stroke engine. The design attracts every eye. Moreover, the bike also has a self-starting system. Furthermore, the bike also has a front disk brake, engine kill switch and a wolf eyed Headlamp. The specs also include a huge fuel tank capacity and very comfortable seats.

Road Prince Wego 150cc

The road prince wego 150cc is of a huge size and very sporty. It gives a luxury road riding experience. Moreover, it has an amazing design and extra ordinary features. Furthermore, the bike is made for the young generation and it is a 5-speed bike with 18-liter petrol tank. The wheels of the bike look superior to others and its specifications vary from all the other bikes in Pakistan. The disc brakes of the bike are very strong so that they can easily grip the road when over speeding thus, protecting it from accidents.

The road prince wego 150cc comes in 4 colors black, red, golden and dark blue. Every color gives a very stylish and heroic look. However, the bike costs around 180,000rs. The body of the bike gives a glimpse of the future as it seems quite modern. The engine of the bike is a single cylinder. Moreover, the bore and stroke is 62mm x 49.5mm with a multi plate wet clutch. Many riders as well as the audience admire the looks and running of the road prince wego 150cc.

Archi 150cc & Wego 150 – Comparison

Although both the bikes the Archi 150cc and the road prince wego 150cc have a lot in common there are a number of factors which decide which bike is better than the other. Firstly, the displacement of both the bikes is 149cc which everyone calls as 150cc. Secondly, both the bikes have an air cooling system and a 4 stroke, single cylinder engine. Coming on to the differences, both the bikes have many features which vary from each other. Firstly, the road prince has a single overhead cam fuel control whereas the Super power Archi 150cc has the new overhead valve fuel control.

archi 150cc
Image credit: Pirani group
archi 150cc
Image Credit: Omega Industries

Moreover, the Wego 150 has an output of 12 HP whereas the Archi 150cc has an output of 13 HP. Furthermore, the wego 150 has a curb weight of 130kg with the Archi 150cc having a 10kg increased curb weight, making it 140kgs. The tyres of both the bikes are also quite different from each other. For example the front tyres of the wego 150 are a 90/90-R17 and the Archi 150cc has front tyres of 100/80-R17. The rear tyres of the wego are 110/80-R17 with Archi 150cc having rear tyres of 130/70-R17. More to it, the brakes are also a bit different like the wego have brakes as Disc/Drum while the Archi 150cc consists of Disc/Disc brakes.

In an overall view on the comparison of both the bikes, both have a lot in common and also differ at several places on each other. Both the bikes have different qualities. One of the major difference amongst the bikes is the 40,000rs difference in their prices. The Archi 150cc is around 140k whereas the wego costs 180k. It’s just a matter of opinions what a rider prefers, considering all the features, advantages and disadvantages.