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United Motorcycles & Atlas Honda Outsell

Atlas Honda and United motorcycles are one of the oldest brands operating in Pakistan. Although United motorcycles are comparatively new as compared to United Auto Industries. Starting its operation only in 1999. However, United motorcycles has still managed to gain recognition. Placing itself next to one of the oldest brands Atlas Honda. In the recent report by Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) focus have been placed upon a monthly sale of automobiles. Bringing into consideration monthly production in comparison to sales figure of both cars and motorcycles. Nevertheless, we aim to report and discuss sales figures of motorcycle manufacturers operating locally.

Paying attention to the brand which have been operating in the region since 1962, Atlas Honda. The company with a tag line “mein tay honda he laysa” has managed to convince huge chunk of people.  Atlas Honda sales is increasing drastically not over year but over months. Selling 11,147 motorcycle units more in October 2017 then September 2017. The reports indicate that Honda sold 81,060 motorcycles in September. Whereas selling 92,207 motorcycles in October. Irrespective of the fact that motorcycle belonged to particular series, previous or recent launch. The figure represents total Honda sales. Furthermore, it will be wise to say that there is increase in Honda sale by 14.6% on monthly basis only.

On the other hand, if we focus on Pak Suzuki. The company have been operating in Pakistan since 1982. However, in the recent year they did not manage to perform well in motorcycle sector. On the contrary, they certainly did well in cars. Selling huge number of cars in both September and October. As in motorcycles, Pak Suzuki just sold 1736 motorcycle units in September 2017. The figure just increased by 1.4% next month. Selling 1761 units of motorcycles in October 2017. Simply selling 25 more bikes. This also mean there recent launch, GD110 and GD110s did not make any powerful impact.

DYL Motorcycles Also, failed to amaze the crowd. The company managed to sell 461 units of motorcycles in September 2017. Although the sale increased in next month. Still, the raise in number was not considerable. Managing to sell only 77 units extra. Making total sale of 538 units of motorcycles in October 2017.

The number of united motorcycles sold by United Auto Industry was certainly jaw-dropping. United motorcycles did not only manage to sell considerably high amount of motorcycles in September. united motorcycles also managed to increase the number in October. Although the amount of motorcycles they sold is not even half of Honda. However, the amount is certainly impressive considering that it’s a relatively new company. United motorcycles managed to sell 31,289 united motorcycles in September 2017 alone. The figure slightly increased in the following month reaching up to 37,951 United motorcycles in October 2017.

Other brands such as Ravi and Yamaha also sold a considerable number of motorcycles. Approximately selling 4000 motorcycles by each of the company for the month of September and October collectively. Furthermore, Road Prince sold 20145 motorcycles in September. There was nominal increase in number selling 20875 motorcycles in October, 2017.

It can easily be concluded, that Honda have been market leader since forever. On the other hand, there is an impressive move by United motorcycles in the recent year. This also indicates that probably there is product quality is good. As well as that they are providing value for money. However, food for thought here is the number of motorcycles hitting the road everyday is drastically increasing. This may raise serious concerns regarding infrastructure in near future.