Auto Cars Sales Decline in Month of December 2017 |

Auto Sales Decline in December 2017

In 2017, we did witness number of automobile manufacturers introducing new models in the market. Also, witnessing new models of cars rolling on the streets. Under such circumstances, it was very easy to assume that just like motorcycle sales, car sales are also increasing. However, Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA) suggests otherwise. In PAMA recent report for production and sales figures of cars, it suggests otherwise.  It clearly states that most of the companies failed to perform well in the past month. The top-notch companies could not even convince customers to purchase their product. Now, what can be the major reason still remains unknown. One can easily blame the unstable political conditions or on a lighter note, December is the month of vacations and weddings. Therefore, people are comparatively hesitant to spend in this area.

Let’s focus on the actual figures published by PAMA and analyzing the actual difference in sales from November 2017. Honda managing to sell only 2464 cars in December, whereas the company sold 3028 cars in November. Particularly in the category of Honda Civic and Honda City. Selling approximately 744 fewer car in December 2017.  Moving on to another player in the market, Honda. The company which managed to sell 4537 car in November, only sold about 3807 car in the month after. Facing decline in sales by 730 cars. The company further faced a dip in the sale for Fortuner as well, selling only 230 units. Whereas Honda sold 749 units of BR-V in comparison to selling 1248 units in December.

The only company which did perform well in December 2017 is Pak Suzuki. In 1300cc cars, the company sold 39 more cars in December in comparison to November 2017. In a 1000cc car, the company sold 642 excessive units of Wagon R. Overall the company sale in December 2017 is 50% more than in last year. Lastly, how can one forget Mehran when talking about cars. The company sold about 3390 units in December 2017 alone.

However, other than Suzuki no other company could perform well in December 2017. Although if we focus on FY17 alone.  In  Q3 and Q4 there was 20% increase in car sales in comparison to FY17 – Q1 and Q2.