New Automatic Motorcycle|Shari Automatic Bike Price in Pakistan|

Automatic Motorcycle 1st time Launched by Shari Autos in Pakistan

The auto mobile sector in Pakistan is rising day by day. This happens when the famous foreign firms invest their foreign currency here. Similarly, the auto gear motorcycle in Pakistan is also increasing. We can see a lot of foreign money in the bike industry. As a matter of fact, not everyone can afford cars. Therefore, the automatic motorcycle seem like a much better option for the middle class.

Just how cars are getting better and better with newer features, so are motor bikes. Moreover, the motor cycle market is seeing a better trend than just new model 2018 bikes. We live in an age where there are now automatic motorcycle and automatic bikes.

Automatic Motorcycle The Company Behind It

Just a while ago, Super power took a start with automatic bike in Pakistan. No doubt that it was an automatic motorcycle but it was in the shape of a scooter. Moreover, this automatic motorcycle was clutch less. However, this automatic bike in the shape of a scooter did not do so well.
In addition, Union Star is now bringing a new automatic motorcycle as a 70cc bike. The tech of the automatic motorcycle is very good for old people and female drivers. Since they have problems driving a normal motor bike, the automatic motorcycle is perfect. Automatic bikes are also very easy and simple to operate. These automatic motorcycles have no gear box, clutch or a kick. Therefore, they become simple and easy to use. Moreover, this automatic motorcycle uses a direct drive tech for its operations.

The 4 gear automatic motorcycle comes with a single cylinder engine. Besides, it has a fuel capacity of up to 9 liters of petrol. Moreover, the price of automatic bike is not so costly as well. Since the market of such bikes is old people and females mostly, these are not costly. Therefore, the price range of automatic motorbike is Rs. 61,500 pkr.

Automatic Bikes: Pros & Cons

The pro of the automatic bike is the fact that it needs no effort to start. Most of the people prefer this. Moreover, in jam areas, it is hard to shift gears again and again. In addition, you don’t need a clutch. As a result, the automatic bike speeds by simply giving it a throttle. Therefore, it is easier for new riders to learn.
However, the con of the automatic motorbike is still there. As a result of the ease, people will just stay in their comfort zone and not learn manual. Still, these bikes are very easy to operate but still require a change in mind sets.

Another con is that the automatic bike will require different spare parts. Therefore, getting parts for the automatic motorcycle will be much higher. In most cases, they will have to import it from abroad.

Where to buy Shari Automatic Motorcycle / Bike

The automatic Bike is available to buy at Shari Auto. Shari Autos Automatic bike is available at Akbar road bike market Karachi. This auto bike show room is a great place to buy automatic motorbike and automatic scooties.

Showroom: Shari Auto Centre

Shop # 6, Akbar road bike market, saddar, Karachi.

Ph # 021-32760888