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5 Things to Know About Bike Chain and Maintenance

An individual spends a huge amount of money on in order to purchase a motorcycle. The promises are made at the time of purchase that utmost care will be taken off the bike. Not only scheduled maintenance but also, getting it cleaned and changing the fuel if required. However, promises are mended to be broken. On the other hand, there are two types of chains available in the market. One is Non- O- Ring and other is O – Ring, whereas O-Ring has a capacity of retaining oil. Therefore, O- Ring results in less drag and requires less maintenance. In order to maintain a motorcycle with chain drive, one needs to bring into consideration several steps. There are few basic steps which may help you to increase the life of your bike –

Frequent Lubrication

Every time the bike reaches 800kms, make sure to lubricate it. This can be easily done by using spray lubricant, spraying it on the chain both inside and outside. Followed by rotating the wheel so that every inch of the chain can be covered. Make use of kerosene to wipe the chain, avoid using detergent or any solvent which may be harsh.

Clean when required

The chain is something which requires your attention to a great extent. Maintaining bike chain result in bike functioning well for a long time. Make sure to clean the chain approximately when it reaches 5000kms. Moreover, make sure to change the oil as well. Moreover, in case of dirt or built up on chain clean it with an old toothbrush.

Align and Adjust Bike Chain

Never take adjusting the bike chain in your own hands. Always refer to the mechanic whenever in need of fixing the chain. Followed by measuring the alignment which is done through measuring tape. Starting from axle center to pivot of the swing arm.


Under some situations, the chain needs to be replaced too. If the chain teeth appear to be hooked its time to replace the chain. Followed by if the chain does not correctly fit on the sprocket its time to replace.