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Bike Tracking Device in Pakistan

Pakistan, a country which houses around 195 million people base on the latest United Nations estimates is gradually becoming a country of motorcycles. The two-wheeler being the easiest and affordable means of transportation in Pakistan. It has become the necessity for everyone, whether it is a mazdoor or a doodhwala, a manager or a boss, despite the class difference, a motorcycle is a part of everybody’s daily life.However, every rose has its thorn. The number of bike snatching has considerably raised. According to a police report, the number of motorcycles stolen during the years 2014 and 2015 was 17,191 and 17,551, respectively. To secure your bike, you need something more apart from just the traditional locks. For this purpose, Moto Track, a bike tracker device company introduced a device for efficiency and safety, Pakistan’s first bike tracking system licensed by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

When everything else fails, you need something that goes on and Moto Track exactly knows how to monitor and secure your motorcycle.  This motorcycle gps tracker is install in motorcycle not only for safety purpose but also helps in locating the bike in case of snatching. Moto Track has also been connect with ACLC and other law enforcing agencies to reduce thefts and motorcycle snatching.

bike tracker
Bike Tracker Device

How MotoTrack Bike Tracker Device System Works?

Moto Track’s sole purpose is to offer security to your motorcycle. Once the bike tracker is installed on your motorbike, it informs the exact motorcycle location, which will be available over SMS upon ignitions starting and turning off. It can be place in any motorcycle and works on subscription models.

bike tracker device cost is Rs.5, 500/-inclusive of all taxes in Pakistan. A yearly service charge of Rs.2, 800/- + tax (around Rs.3, 500/-) is another offer along with different service packages including:


  •              3 Months Service Package: Rs.1000/-
  •              6 Months Service Package: Rs.1900/-
  •              12 Months Service Package: Rs.3500/-

The service costs in Pakistan is dependent on SMS data charges of various mobile phone operators. The bike tracker device uses GSM network to track your motorcycle. A device will locate your bike only if it is present in a GSM area.

bike tracker
Bike Tracker

Moto Track bike tracker device can be installed in 40 minutes. It can be fit in three different places on your motorbike. As soon as the device installed on a motorcycle, it starts responding in 3 minutes after its activation. Also, the bike tracking device comes with a one year warranty.

Bike Tracker Device Key Features:

  1.              It is waterproof and has a fireproof wiring.
  2.              The device has a backup battery, which will give an extended time of 4 to 8 hours.
  3.              MotoTrack has a Pan-Pakistan tracking system, which means you can get the location of your device through SMS.
  4.              The bike location inform through SMS while switching the ignition ON and OFF
  5.              If someone is interfering with your battery, you will receive an SMS immediately
  6.              You can also use two phone numbers to know the location of your vehicle.