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Bikers Cafe in Karachi Pakistan

The city of lights, Karachi is now flooding with cafes. On every other street, one is easily able to locate a cafe. Several of them are nice but most of them are a result of under planning. Either the owner had nothing to do and opened a cafe with no intentions of monitoring. Else he had a lot to do, therefore he can’t manage it. However, whatever the case is it did appear to attract citizens of Karachi. Since we hardly have few places to enjoy and hang out.

Recently, rumors were in the air regarding a new bikers cafe Karachi. Thinking to be a typical cafe with blue dim lights, leather couches, and typical menu. Assuming the only thing fancy about this café racer bikes will be its name. However, to my surprise, I was absolutely wrong. The bikers cafe Karachi did actually think out of the box instead of following typical cafe tradition. The biker’s cafe or café racer Pakistan is one of the finest cafes in town. It will not be wrong to say that this bikers cafe Karachi can change entire cafe game in the city. Bikers café racers in Pakistan is certainly going to be heaven for those shares great passion for motorcycles.

Let’s focus on the interior as well as the exterior of the bikers cafe Karachi. Paying attention to the finest details finding out what the hype is all about.  Owner of Bikers cafe Karachi is none other than the owner of The Harley Store Karachi, Mr. Maaz Navaid. This cafe is a breeze of fresh air in the times when all the cafes are almost same. The bikers cafe Karachi follows a theme and the theme which is no ordinary. They are following an elite Harley Davidson theme which continues from there Harley Store. For those who are not aware of Harley Store Karachi, it is the first store in the region selling Harley bikes.  The store located in a posh locality in Karachi and along with the store is attractive bikers cafe Karachi.

The Bikers Cafe Karachi – First Look

The bikers cafe Karachi is not quite hard to find but one needs to be vigilant while on the lookout. Bikers cafe Karachi is a cozy place and on entering the place first I bet you be spellbound. Although the entrance is narrow it is attractive and how will it not be? Since everything to anything is totally in dedication and love towards Harley Davidson Bikes.  It reminded me of those Bikers cafe in Dubai.  However, not exaggerating but this is done better. The staircase leads to cafe and while on your way to the cafe, you will spot Harley Davidson bikes. These bikes are attractive enough to completely make you forget about food and be lost in their beauty. The biker’s cafe Karachi baked brick walls are embellished with beautiful banners and parts of motorcycles. All complementing the theme. I must say the interior is magnificent and the way it does justice to the Harley Davidson theme is remarkable.

Bikers Cafe Karachi – Menu

The bikers cafe Karachi menu is short but I must say it has quality. In other words, the number of dishes they have on the menu is not quite a lot but it will certainly tantalize your taste buds. Either one is craving for an extravaganza meal or one is looking to kill the craving while keeping calories check. The bikers cafe Karachi is a place to be. They do not only have meals for weight watchers but they have amazing juicy burgers. Especially the place is known for their scrumptious classic beef burger. They have something for everyone from seafood to pasta to salads, Bikers cafe Karachi will not be a disappointment for anyone. Also, they have a great range of delicious cocktails and drinks.

Bikers Cafe – The important

Whenever one is going out to eat the first question to come to mind is if the place is affordable. Making one wonder if it will be a rip-off or will be friendly on the pocket. However, as far as bikers cafe Karachi is the concern they are good in the matter of money. They will certainly not rip off.  Although its hard to believe since they are selling finest of bikes in the world.

Also, having a theme which itself speak for itself certainly make one assume that the place must be expensive. So, don’t be scared and try this place out with your friends especially with those die-hard crazy bike fans. The food is not only yummy but it is easy on the pocket too. Moreover, the bikers cafe Karachi timing is from 12pm-12am. This means that this place is open for lunch as well dinner and maybe for brunch too. Nevertheless, I must say this Bikers Cafe Karachi is a must try.