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What is a Blogger and its Type

A person who writes an article for blog is called a blogger.Living in the age of information technology – the 21st century, where everything is at your fingertips, this is exactly the worldview of the generation living in this era where we cannot imagine life without computers, the internet, and cell phones. Do you want to know anything? hence there is no need to go to libraries and dig in books for hours, just Google it and you’ll find thousands of answers to your question in just a millisecond. That’s how fast the technology is.

Talking about information technology, the younger generation of Pakistan is always on a quest for new terms and is developing rapidly in this field. So one such term is a ‘blog’. You must have heard it every now and then. Furthermore, Social media has made everyone a blogger. Now you can easily log in to your Twitter or Facebook accounts which give you the options of ‘What’s happening’ or ‘What’s on your mind’ and you can write anything you wish to tell the people in your social media circle.


But what actually a blog is? The dictionary meaning states that blog is a regularly updated website or web page, run by an individual or group called blogger. Prior to blogs, the websites only provided certain information for the users, this was a one-way communication but after the evolution of blogs, people started to posts comments, write things they wanted to and post entries. Thus, the communication in the virtual world became a two-way conversation.

History of Blogs

The history of blogs starts in late 1990’s where blogger used to update an ‘online diary.’ So they used to post information on a daily basis regarding their lives and opinions. In today’s world, the internet has become more advanced and the blogs have become more than just an online diary. People can now comment, post and can even start a dialogue with another individual in the social space. Whether you are 12 year’s old preteen or  70 year’s old septuagenarian, you can reach a global audience with a blog.


Blogger Types

Blogger comes in a variety of types. You can write a blog in which you feel you are a prowess.

Personal blogger

In this type of blog, you can write anything! Family, health, politics, music, traveling, anything you wish to write about.

‘Tis my say’ is a blog site founded by Salman Latif and contains personal poetry, articles, and other random write-ups.

Business blogger

The companies who want to engage with their customers tend to do business blogs to reach the target audience. The professionals share their expertise on the social space.

Political blogger

These types of blogs are often about political situations.‘Teeth Maestro’, a blog by Dr. Awab Alvi shows the present political situation in the country.

Sports bloggers

Most of the bloggers interested in sports activities choose to blog about sports.

Beauty blogger

A lot of bloggers, especially women tends to review beauty products. One of the famous beauty bloggers in Pakistan is ‘The Beauty Finds’, run by Bia.

Travel blogger

Eat ‘n Travel in Pakistan is the award-winning travel blog in Pakistan. It is about Pakistan’s best eating and traveling spots.

These are just a few types of blog and blogger. Now you must have known what a blog is. So what are you waiting for? Log in to your accounts and go blog!