Things To Keep In Mind When Buying Riding Jacket |

Things To Keep In Mind When Buying A Riding Jacket

All the bike passionate certainly does know the importance of having the entire range of bike gears in check. The important yet ignored bike riding gear is having a proper, riding jacket.  Similar to helmet, a riding jacket protects your body from severe injuries. Also, if one has a riding jacket on they can easily slip through minor bumps and accidents without even a scratch. Moreover, a riding jacket adds that fierce look to all over appeal while driving a bike.

There are not many people who are well aware of the specifications to keep in mind while purchasing a jacket. However, worry not! you have indeed landed on the right page to enlighten yourself regarding the perfect riding jacket.

  1. Reflectors:

Look for reflectors on the jacket when purchasing a riding jacket. Reflectors pay a key role in helping the rider to stand out in dark. The reflectors are capable of glowing in the dark, therefore either there are street lights or not you are safe.

  1. A Perfect Fit:

A baggy fit and long sleeves will only make your driving experience a nightmare. Furthermore, a riding jacket with great fit guarantees maximum protection against injuries. Also, easy and comfortable to be worn both in summers and winters.

  1. Removable Liners:

Make sure to get your hands on the riding jacket with option of liners. These liners are removable and available in wind and rain proofing. Also with the help of liners one can protect himself during adverse weather conditions.

  1. Numerous of Pockets:

A bike does not have enough space to store precious belongings such as keys, wallets or mobile phones. Therefore, look for a jacket with numerous pockets so that one can store belongings with ease.

  1. Air Vents:

In case of purchasing a riding jackets made of leather. It is recommendable to get the jacket with vents, small tiny holes for ventilation. This is particularly beneficial to help the rider remain cool and avoid sweating. Moreover, air vents are useful both in summers as well as winters.

  1. The thickness of Riding Jacket

Riding jacket needs to have a fair thickness to make sure that it provides maximum protection against injuries. The thickness of the riding jacket should be at least 1mm. This is particularly beneficial if in case one, unfortunately, gets hit by an accident. These jackets work as a line of defense against injuries protecting your skin.

  1. Leather Material:

The leather material is another factor which needs to be taken care of. Try getting your hands on the riding jacket which is in particular made up of cowhide. The jackets which are made up of cowhide are one of the finest available jackets in the market. Also, these jackets feel and touch is insanely incredible. The cowhide jackets also work better in terms of wear and tear.


Riding jackets play a crucial role and equal importance should be given to them like helmets. Now when you are well aware of the advantages and thoroughly aware of the jackets which are best. It’s time to get your very own riding jacket, not only to protect yourself but to make a style statement too.