Bykea Bike and Parcel Delivery Service in Pakistan |

Bykea Bike and Parcel Delivery Service

Bykea bikes service is the latest bike app service in the market. It is a brand new service which is letting you make extra money from your bike. The bykea bike service simply lets you pick and deliver packages if you own a bike. Similarly, you can earn money while you do it. Bykea bike service is very similar to other apps like Uber or Careem. In the same way, you install an application and choose the kind of service you need.

If one looks at it from a different point of view, it is still great. It is the first app based service In Pakistan which lets you transport parcels safely in cheap price. The main concept behind bykea bike service is very purposeful as well. Therefore, it is simply to give ‘taxi’ services on a motor bike. If you want cheap taxi service, you can simply book a nearby bike. As a result, it will come and pick you up from that specific spot. Similarly, if you want to get a package to be deliver somewhere, you can use the app. The best thing is that Bykea bike service provides people with safe and secure hygienic rides. Moreover, passengers are given a free helmet for their safety during their ride. The customers can also rate their ride and driver once its finished like careem or uber.

Moreover, since bike rides have a lot of risk of accidents on roads, Bykea bike service gives free insurance. Therefore, this insurance covers both the driver and passenger. Moreover, bykea bike service also gives transit insurance for packages as well. The best thing is that all parcels and rides are being track by a GPS system through out. The bykea bike sevice is very cost friendly too. Base fare rate is PKR 35, whereas per km is PKR 4. Per minute they charge PKR 1.5, which is nothing.