Why A Campaign has Been Launched Against Big Three Auto Car Makers of Pakistan?

Campaign Against Big Three Auto Car Makers of Pakistan

In the recent years, social media has gained immense importance in the eyes of the audience. A platform which is actively being used to raise voice. Recently a campaign has been started on social media against the car manufacturers operating in Pakistan. These names are well known in  market and are none other than the big three auto manufacturers in the region. Yes, you guessed it right these manufacturers are Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki. The three brands which have been doing business in the country for decades.

The social media campaign is particularly highlighting two main problems. The designs of these vehicles are quite old. Irrespective of the fact that the designs are so old school, they still continue to ask high prices. Yet the safety features in these cars are not even taken care off. High prices with no certainty of safety is something which is making the consumers furious. Every now and then we come across articles highlighting the issues in these big three manufacturers of luxury vehicles. However, unfortunately, none of the institutions ever took any strict major against these companies.

Finally, people have decided to take the matter into their own hands. A social media campaign has been started on Facebook in particular named as “Campaign Against Monopoly of Big Three” – CAMBT. The matter did not only confined to social media. Also, the supreme court of Pakistan has also been approached to take serious measures against these companies.

It is no surprise that automobile industry in Pakistan is quite small. However,  it is quite fortunate that the industry is growing at a steady rate. Moreover, the fact cannot be ignored that the big three companies Honda Suzuki and Toyota are still most prominent companies. Due to this reason, the big three companies have created quite a monopoly in the market. Whenever the prices are increased, they conveniently blame it on increased taxes imposed by the government. The big three companies have been operating in Pakistan according to their wish and desire. They have not been held answerable for their actions. Consumers now believe it is high time and some action need to be taken against these companies.

According to the social media campaign, these companies are fraud and making fool out of innocent people. The prices which are being asked for the vehicles by the big three companies are ridiculously high. Therefore the Supreme Court of Pakistan needs to take some action against these companies. Not only the prices of these cars should be brought down but also the safety features should be improved.

CAMBT also asked the government to reduce the taxes and duties on the cars. Furthermore, the social media campaign also clear their position by stating, they are not part of Government or any Mafia. They are only working towards creating awareness among people. An aim to convince people to stop wasting money on cars which are even below standard. Still, they are number of followers on Facebook who are against this campaign. They believe that this will only result in the big three companies downsizing. Hence, number of people working in these plants will be left jobless.