Car Parking Plaza - A Must Need for Pakistan 2018 |

Car Parking Plaza – A Must Need for Pakistan

The population of Pakistan is being denser by every passing year. Similarly, the situation of public transport is getting worst and increase number of people are turning away from it. Irrespective of the fact that no matter how many projects government come up with to renew public transport. However, for some reason, this is one area or sector which is continuously going down. As a result, people are turning to buy their own mode of transports.

Not only that it adds to their comfort level making it convenient to go from one place to another. Also, because this adds to their social class well being. Due to all these reasons, the road to Pakistan is getting more and more crowded. Let it be any city of the country, the traffic situation is almost similar everywhere. The cars honking loudly, trying to get through busy roads. On the other hand, motorcycles trying to squeeze through these cars to get to their destination.

One of the main reason for this disorder and confusion is compact roads. Our main roads are quite big and comparable to any metropolitan city roads. The issue is car parking, nowhere on earth one can park at the corner of the main roads just because they feel like. As a result, roads get compact and narrow making it difficult for other vehicles to manage. This is not completely public fault but they are not given enough options to park their vehicles.

There is lack of car parking space in the region. Even if there are few city car parking areas they are not enough. Car parking free of cost is another rising concern. Although cheap car parking allows the majority to park their cars in abandoned lands that is not cheap to almost everyone. Also, the car parking space is not secure to an extent even the airport parking is not safe.

As a result, there is rising need for car parking plazas in the region. Not only in Karachi but all around Pakistan. Few of similar projects are established in different cities. Such as CDGK Parking Plaza in Saddar, Karachi. There is news circulating that Rawalpindi will soon be getting its second parking plaza which will help to address the issue of parking in the region.

In conclusion, it is very important to state that the government should start to make parking plazas in main cities. Starting from all the main localities and busy areas in each city. This will help to improve transport situation as a number of vehicles will get off parking directly on road. Although the government may charge a small amount of fee, as a result, these parking plazas should be secure. Furthermore, they should be maintained and taken care of on daily basis. It should not be the case that government A builds it, so government B will not take care of it. In fact, they should be taken care similar as country’s resource.