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Park Secure: It’s Solution to Car Parking Problems

Traffic police or police in general, have the most damaged reputation in the region. However, recently there has been some significant improvement in this department. Traffic Police Islamabad (TPI), since quite a few years, have been showing improvement. Not only Traffic Police Islamabad service has gotten better but the resources and infrastructure provided to them got better as well.
Traffic Police Islamabad, mode of transport for patrolling in the city have been mainly Toyota Prius, Corolla Gli, and Foton Tunland. They have also been seen using new model heavy bikes to carry out their duties. This step is indeed commendable. However, people have shown mixed emotions for these changes in Traffic Police Islamabad. On the other hand, major improvement has been seen in other service areas as well. Few of them include 24/7 license renewal, awareness campaigns, e-ticketing system and so on.

Traffic Police Islamabad

Moreover, recently Traffic Police Islamabad have inaugurated Park Secure – new parking solution. Park Secure is made in collaboration with a local bank and is based on QR Code Technology. The code is created on arrival of the vehicle to public parking with the help of mobile phone. QR Code contains all the important information regarding the vehicle from entry time to registration number.

At the time of exit, the driver would have to show assigned QR code to police representative. The police officer will match the information, permitting the vehicle to exit.
Traffic Police Islamabad will also have access to live statistics of the number of vehicles along with entry and exit times. This will further ensure smooth flowing of cars in the parking lots. Park Secure have been installed in Sunday Bazaar, Islamabad. After the system turns out to be a success at Sunday Bazaar Islamabad it will be installed in different areas in the country.

The initiative taken by Traffic Police Islamabad is indeed appreciatable. However, there are certain problems which tag along with the Park Secure System. Such as it may turn out to be another money making business incase QR Code does not match. Yet, I am hopeful that Traffic Police Islamabad will overcome these issues efficiently.