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Car Wash and Car Detailing Service in Pakistan

Cars and vehicles are a major investment. Whether it’s your first car or not, one certainly have a high level of attachment to it. From taking care of it while driving to its maintenance. One undoubtedly does not compromise on anything. This could be the possible reason that car wash business in Pakistan is increasing drastically. Bringing in great innovations in the business as well.

Who would have thought ten years back that twenty-first century will enable you to call car butlers at your doorstep? Anytime at your convenience. Indeed there was a concept of this man coming to your house to wash cars early in the morning. However, we all do know his tantrums and most of the time the car was not washed up to the mark. Plus unforeseen incidences were always there such as unexpected scratches and so on. As the world mobilized, so does the car wash services.

A car cleaning service can be looked upon as a facility to clean the car, truck or even motorcycles.  Both from the outside an inside along with added services of wax, polishing, vacuuming and what not. Either you choose to sacrifice lazy Sunday and turn into car washing squad. Or just relax in your pajamas, sip a cup of tea and get the work done by the professionals. Car washing is not a relatively new term and one will be surprised to know that it has roots back in 1914.  Indeed options like the steam car wash or chemical car wash did not exist at that time. They relied on the relatively simple method but laborious. In which people literally used to push the car through the stages. Also, at that time patricidal automatic car wash system was introduced. In which automatic pulley system was used.

However, gone are those days. Now the world has evolved making car washing as easy as 123. In order to help you make your decision easier next time. A list of few car wash services which I found interesting a listed below –


Car Butlers – Car Wash

Car Butlers claim that they are the first mobile car wash service operating in Pakistan. Yes! you heard it right mobile car wash. The company is providing an opportunity for getting the car cleaned at the doorstep. They have a vast range of services available. Simple wash focusing on car cleaning from the outside only. Car wash and wax, car cleaning followed by wax to protect top coat of car from fading.

King wash, auto detailing and car interior cleaning and detailing are among few of the services offered by Car Butlers. Service price can be estimated from their website before booking. However, the prices vary depending upon the vehicle type. Moreover, the prices are not high and indeed affordable. The company also claims that they use 80% less water as compared to the normal home car wash. So where ever I am. Certainly, I will never have to worry about finding car wash near me. Provided am in Lahore. Unfortunately, only citizens of Lahore will be able to avail their services for now. Keeping our fingers crossed for their further expansion.

Auto Wow – Wash On Wheels

Karachiites do not need to get disappointed. Since Auto Wow – Wash On Wheels has managed to establish car wash business in Karachi. Similar in nature to that of car butlers. From their website,

one can book the service choosing between the three services. Simple wash, wash, and wax or jumbo wash, being priced as pkr.400, 650 and 1000 respectively. A simple car wash offers foam shampoo wash, mats wash, tire wash and quick interior. Wash and wax go an extra mileage covering all simple car wash services. Also, includes interior vacuuming, windscreen & glass cleaning and exterior polish. Jumbo wash covers it all from shampoo wash to wash and wax. Followed by interior polish, engine wash, engine cleaning and tire dressing.  However, if one is still looking for something more. There are also other services to choose from. They can easily be added but they will be charged separately.

Bubbles Car Care

Bubbles Car care went an extra mileage in taking care of your car. Detailing car wash is one stop shop providing wash, detailing, anti-rust coat, glass coating, oil change and also complete mechanical work. The company also have offers every now and then. The offers can be kept track of via their Facebook page. However, they do not provide service at the doorstep and one need to step out of there comfort zone. Moreover, an automatic car wash is not an option either. Mainly because automatic car wash is becoming the obsolete worldwide. Due to a number of factors, including the double amount of water used and the results are not promising either.

Drive Clean

Most of the car wash services in Pakistan are aimed towards running traditional car wash business. Irrespective of bringing something innovative in the market. Drive Clean is another car wash and auto detailing near me. Offering all the traditional service from car wash, to auto detailing and interior cleaning. Nevertheless, there are few things I particularly liked about this car wash services. They have gone an extra mile and providing more than just usual services.

The dry car wash is a relatively new thing in Pakistan. To some extent, it’s even hard to provide in the region. One of the reasons could be dry car washes aim to target vehicles which are slightly dusty. Therefore, we all know pollution level in Pakistan and certainly, this technique may not work. However, Drive Clean is offering interior dry dusting which is more practical. Also, after glass coating paint which gives UV protection with super high gloss shine & reflection. Including hydrophobic self-cleaning effect, making a car appear new for years to come.

In the end, it will be wise to say. Not all the services work best for everyone. One need to tailor and customize the service in accordance with their vehicle. So choose wisely when making a decision of getting the car washed and serviced. Since the car is a huge investment and a single wrong decision can make one regret for long.