Careem Hacked, User Data Stolen! |

Careem Hacked, User Data Stolen!

Recently, there was news circulating on media regarding the leaked data of Careem. The company has been under attack and information of 14million privileged customers have been compromised. After the unfortunate incidence, the company has been requesting its consumers to change their password on an immediate basis.  Careem system was under severe cyber attack and the attackers had unauthorized access to a vast pool of information regarding customers. Now what remains unknown is the type of information which is leaked. Either its customer’s phone numbers/addresses only or it’s something more which is being kept under covers. The ride-hailing service was suspended for the day only, restoring the service from very next day.

According to the report, cyber attackers managed to gain access to ridesharing system ever since the start of this year. Due to this data of numerous customers was leaked and that was not it, information regarding captains was also compromised. On the other hand, the company claims that so far there is no sign that the leaked information is misused.  However, one thing which is appreciable is that Careem has been honest regarding the incidence. They have not tried to cover up the attack but have been advising customers to change the password for better protection.

Careem also issued an official statement in which they reinforced that they are still focused towards protecting data of customers. Privacy of customers have been their top priority and will continue to be but they do condemn this unfortunate incidence. Also, the company is taking several measures to make sure that events of similar nature do not occur in future. Not only this the company also issued a formal apology to its consumers. In the apology, the company said that they are sorry regarding the incidence but they will come out stronger and resilient.

According to the source, most of the information which has been under attack is personal customer data. The leaked information includes the name of customer, email address, contact and trip data. The degree to which the damage is done is still unknown and exactly why this data been stolen, remains unknown. The company further says that the credit card information is not hacked. Careem claims that credit card information is kept highly secured using PCP server. The thing which is contradicting here is that the company is still asking its consumers to review bank accounts. This surely does mean that company itself is not certain about the damage done.

Its better be safe than sorry. Therefore, it is advisable to all the people who were using Careem to immediately change their passwords. The app password should be changed every month or three. Not only this use strong characters consisting of both numbers and alphabets. Never share personal information online other than trusted/verified sites.  Avoid downloading attachments from emails which are not familiar to you. Lastly, keep the firm check on your credit card and bank accounts.