Careem Started its Services in Careem Quetta Balochistan Pakistan |

Careem Started its Services in Quetta

Careem is around for a while in major cities and it’s adding quite a convenience for the citizens. Initially, when Careem started they were not offering services to suburban areas. Recently, Careem expanded and they started offering services in Quetta as well. Careem Quetta will not only be offering Careem car service but also, rickshaw service will be made available to citizens.

Careem Quetta

On the occasion of Careem Quetta, Mr.Junaid Iqbal, managing director of Careem was quite pleased. He added that the company is quite proud of its expansion. The services in Quetta will be customized and tailored according to the needs and requirements of the locals. Therefore, these customized service options will have a meaningful and positive impact. After Careem Quetta, the company plans on expanding in other cities as well. The main aim of Careem Quetta is to give new meaning and definition to traveling itself. Furthermore, creating job opportunities for a number of employees male and females captains.

Careem has a unique motive believing that every individual deserves a transportation mode which is comfortable, convenient and reliable. Through the expansion in other cities, Careem Quetta will be able to provide a mode of transport which is safe yet affordable. At the same time, this will also have a positive contribution to the economy. It’s not only creating job opportunities but it’s an entire organization playing a vital role.

Baluchistan is one of the province Pakistan which is still in its initial developing stage. However, the province still has great potential for expansion and becoming one of the major provinces. The location is ideal for trade activities as it located at a key location. Careem Quetta will be trying to address the most faced issue in the province and that is of poor connectivity. Making it difficult for people to move from one place to another. On the other hand, we all are well aware of deteriorating public transport situation. Careem Quetta will enable people to reach to remote areas and places where they were reluctant to go. On the contrary, Careem will further be creating value for money by not asking skyrocketed prices.  We are already well aware that Careem offers service at a pocket-friendly price.

Careem started operating in Pakistan back in 2016, taking the start from Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. The company expanded over thirteen cities ever since the start including Faisalabad, Abbott bad, Multan and more. Eventually turned out to be the most preferred mode of transport for females particularly being popular among students and young professionals. According to the research by Social Policy and Development Center (SPDC) 2016, Baluchistan people faced difficulty commuting. Also, they were reluctant to travel in public transport due to its condition.  Not only these public transports were unreliable but attitudes of people were inappropriate. On the contrary, people preferred traveling in Careem even if they had to pay a little extra.