CG 125 VS YB125Z | Honda 125 VS Yamaha 125 |


CG 125 is a premier brand of Atlas Honda Limited and undoubtedly the market leader in the 125cc motorbikes segment in Pakistan. Atlas Honda, the pioneer in the motorcycle industry of Pakistan and have maintained its number 01 position due to its strong sales and service dealer network. Despite facing the challenge due to the influx of various Chinese motorcycle brands in Pakistan. AHL is still selling more than 1.0 Mn motorcycles per year, which is approx. 50% of the total new motorcycle market size.

Yamaha Pakistan has once again started focusing on Pakistani market and launch its new model YB125Z and making it price competitive compared to their previous models. The company has invested US$ 150.o Mn to increase its production capacity.

CG 125 vs  YB125Z – COMPARISON

Yamaha YB125Z’s appearance is more appealing to the youth due to its sporty look and it seems to be a heavy bike. Whereas CG 125 look is still the same with slight minor modifications and changes. Atlas Honda Limited prefer to continue with the same old mid 70’s design. Therefore, Yb125Z has an edge due to its look and appearance.

It is very difficult to compare both bikes performance since both bikes have 125cc engines with good top speed and acceleration. However, CG 125 takes lead if you compare the sound of both bikes. The quality shocks of YB125Z, make its ride more comfortable than Honda CG 125.

Although YB125Z is a new addition in Yamaha family still getting a good response from the market. Ever since its launch in April 2017, the YB125Z 2017 model is popular day by day. As far as resale of both bikes is concerned, it’s too early to say about YB125Z fate. Whereas CG125 is a hard cash and it can be easily sale even after using for years and years.