How to Check Tyre Pressure in Motorcycles/Bikes |

How to Check Tyre Pressure in Bike

The maintenance of motorcycles tyres is equally important as the maintenance of motorcycle itself. Ignoring the bike tyres do not only have a negative impact on the bike but can be dangerous for rider too. Therefore, taking care of tyres wear tear along with tyre pressure remain extremely crucial. Yet many of the bike riders are not well aware of how to check the tyre pressure. It is no surprise that by the passage of time tyres tend to deflate. Due to which bike riders end up getting air top up.

If you are beginner bike rider or expert, share the love for bike or simply own one. Its vital for you to learn how to check tyre pressure. Read on and find out since its no rocket science. Before you get into action, it’s important to keep yourself armed with tyre pressure gauge even bicycle pump will work.

Shift the bike on the main stand. In case the bike does not have the main stand, turn the vehicle forward and backward till the valve is accessible. Be cautious with hot exhaust. Check the manual for pressure settings recommended by the company. They recommended pressure is also given at motorcycle swing arm in most of the bikes. Make sure the bike tyres are cooled before you start checking tyre pressure.  Check the pressure with help of the guage. If the pressure is low then the recommended, pump away until it reaches the right amount. In case of high pressure, let air out but make sure to do it slowly. Since even letting the little bit of air out will drop pressure significantly. That’s it, the pressure of the tyre is just done right.

It is ideal to get the tyre pressure checked everytime you visit petrol pump for fuel. However, if you do not have that much time getting it checked every two weeks should be good.