Chinese Man Buried in His Chevrolet as His Dying Wish |

Chinese Man Buried in His Sonata as His Dying Wish

Most of the people are in immense love with their cars. Particularly if it’s somebody’s first car and that even from own money the level of attachment to the car increase drastically. However either it’s your first car or not, one does have an association with it as long as it remains in one’s possession. The main reason for this could be the huge amount of money which is invested in the purchase of a car. Also, there is a number of people who develop an emotional attachment to a particular model.

Recently, a video surfaced the internet in which a guy made the wish of his grandfather come true. Apparently, grandfather was in love with his car Chevrolet 1955, Bel Air model. However, he didn’t truly get to enjoy his bright red Chevrolet and had to say goodbye to it soon after the purchase. Years later, things moved on but Bel Air Chevrolet lasted in his heart forever. The dream of this man was made true by his grandson. The guy kept saving money for several years and one fine Christmas, he was able to fulfill his grandpa dream. The video surfaced the internet and soon became viral due to the true display of emotions. Also, how cars can have a major impact on someone’s life. It might be a simple car for you but for someone else out there, it could be a dream.

Moreover, a similar story emerged on the internet regarding a man and his car. An individual who went over and beyond in love with his car. It was love or insanity, I leave that for you to decide. However, this man who was residing in North China, particularly in Baoding city which is part Hebei province. Reportedly, this man owned Hyundai Sonata for a very long time. People who know him even suggests that he has possession of this car ever since he was quite young.

Therefore, he developed great bond and attachment with the car. As the man reached his old age, he created a will and it clearly mentioned that his body does not need any coffin. He requested and wished to use his car for his corpse. As the last wish of the deceased is always honored, his wish was also fulfilled. Mr. Qi was buried along with his car and his car was used as his coffin. The videos of this unusual last wish soon went viral and one can spot the car being lowered in the grave. The size of the grave was huge due to obvious reasons. Moreover, an excavator was used to lower the car in the grave which was tied with ropes.

On the other hand, a number of people look this upon as insanity yet others also think its nothing but pure love. However, whatever the case is but one cannot deny the fact its first of its kind incident reported.