How to Choose the Perfect Helmet for Motorbike |

How to Choose the Perfect Helmet

Recently, there has been an immense emphasis on wearing helmets while riding a bike of course. There have been campaigns, law enforcement and what not. However, the question which rise is which bike helmet to buy and which to ignore or they all give same protection? Let me walk you through the basics of bike helmets, which to buy and which to ignore.


The fundamentals of bike helmets are the quality. One should focus on purchasing bike helmets with good quality but how to determine quality? It’s not rocket science and whenever you go out to purchase a helmet, look out for these initials. DOT (Department of Transportation, USA), ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) and SNELL (Snell Memorial  Foundation). The bike helmets with these initials have determined safety standards and quality is checked before marketing.

Fastening Strap

Another factor to take into consideration while purchasing bike helmets is the fastening straps. There are two types of straps, MicroMetric Buckle. It has a clip which goes inside ratchet. This has a spring inside due to which it can be tune to fit the rider need. However, this type of strap clip is not reliable and may sudden open at times of shock. Losing the main purpose of the helmet which is protection during accidents. The second type is Double D- ring belt, it is similar to those on bag packs. The strap goes in the ring which is on the other side of a helmet. Further securing it with press button lock. However, this helmet cannot be operated without gloves.

Helmet Category

Full Face Bike Helmets

This type of bike helmets provides total protection from covering head to jawline, giving maximum protection. These bike helmets may also have vents, so that rider does not feel suffocated or sweaty. Therefore, offers total comfort.

Half Face Bike Helmets

These bike helmets provide protection for head, cheeks, and ears. However, these helmets lack the maximum protection of face, as well as jaw line, are exposed. Unfortunately, these are the most common types of helmets used by locals. Probably due to the reason that these helmets allow increased airflow perfect for Summers.

Off-road Bike Helmets

These are the one which protects chin and has exaggerated nose structure. However, has more of open space allowing maximum airflow. It may be available with goggles or visor.

Head Measurement

In order to have a perfect fit for your head, you certainly need to do some measurements of your head. Wrap the measuring tape around the forehead. Now note this size and refer to bike helmets guide for size. However, notice that the sizes may vary according to companies. Therefore, always try before purchasing a bike helmet.

Head Shape

The head shapes further add to the perfect fit of helmet The shape of head maybe long oval, round, or medium oval. Determine the shape of your head by looking in the mirror. Now choose the helmet in accordance with the shape of your head. Finding the one which is similar to your head shape.