Traffic Police Karachi Starts Awareness Campaign Against One Wheeling

Traffic Police Karachi Starts Awareness Campaign Against One Wheeling

The youth of Pakistan is pretty much attracted towards dangerous sports including one-wheeling and over speeding. Not wearing helmets in order to appear fearless is another attraction. However, in order to address these issues. A very nice initiative has been taken by traffic police of Karachi. In order to raise awareness regarding one wheeling and its consequences, a campaign has been launched. Previously similar campaigns have been organized by Punjab police as well. The campaign is perfectly tailored around one wheeling. Moreover, traffic police have also invited several celebrities to be part of the one-wheeling campaign. Adding to the success of the campaign and gain the better attention of the crowd. Certainly, this will help to influence youth better.

The campaign against one-wheeling is designed in such a way that it incorporates all the main city areas. Few of the areas will be near Gulf Shopping Mall – Clifton, Zainab Market, North Nazimabad and Tariq Road. Other than one wheeling, the campaign will also focus on the importance of helmets and over speed. Campaign inauguration will be done at Clifton Traffic Section. All the celebrities and Traffic police dignitaries will gather. Followed by a rally comprising of cars and motorcycles with banners. Eventually reaching Shahrah-e-Faisal, then to different preset locations of the campaign.

A campaign of similar nature was introduced in 2014. In that campaign, traffic police practiced confiscation of vehicles from underage drivers. The driver was asked for license or NIC. In case of failing to provide any of these, the vehicles were held back by traffic police. Traffic police also went an extra mile and would ask the driver to bring license or NIC from home. Just in case they forgot to carry it that particular day. However, for underage drivers the vehicle, parents would have to go to police station. For both minor and major drivers, the vehicle was released after a warning and fine.  On the other hand, since the main age of one-wheeling is from 17-30. People are usually short tempered in this age. There were many incidents reported where there was an exchange of abusive language between traffic police and drivers.

Adding on, it is true that one wheeling drivers are risking their own lives to a great extent. As one of the posters in previous campaigns said, “one-wheeling is not sports, it is death”. It is death not only for the one practicing one wheeling but for other citizens on road as well. It is indeed the responsibility of parents to have firm control over underage drivers. Discouraging them to involve in such dangerous activity. Even if traffic police gets hold of one wheeling underage drivers. They are usually released after parents involvement. On the contrary, there must be strict punishments by law enforcement agencies. Especially for those are above the age of 18, may be considering to confiscate one’s vehicle for the lifetime. As this will discourage fellow riders from involving in one wheeling.

Unfortunate to mention, approximately 15000 accidents occurred in first four months of 2017. In which 7500 were accidents related to motorcycles. Traffic police are determined to launch similar campaigns in future as well. This will help to raise awareness and discourage people from abiding traffic rules. We are hopeful that such campaign will be helpful and the results will be fruitful.