Competition Commission Pakistan to Hold open Hearing on Automobile Sector |

Competition Commission Pakistan to Hold open Hearing on Automobile Sector Competition issues

In the recent years, there has been a number of manufacturers emerging in the local market. There has been a constant rise in automobile manufacturers. Not only local companies are being established but also, there is a rapid increase in the import of cars. At one point where this is good for the economy as a whole, this has certainly given birth to new issues. Few of these concerns include competition problems and the rising queries of customers regarding the automobile industry as a whole. In order to address these concern, an open hearing is organized by Competition Commission Pakistan (CCP). The hearing is scheduled for April 12, 2018, at 11:00 am and it will be held at Jinnah Avenue.

Competition Commission Pakistan has come across the number of complaints over the past few months. The customers who have been filing this complaint certainly were bothered by drastically increasing prices of vehicles.  On the contrary, the failure of companies to deliver satisfactory quality irrespective of high prices.  Moreover, the customer complaints did not confine to this only. Lack of features and long delivery times were other areas of concern. Therefore, these issues were to be addressed on an urgent basis and the questions were to be answered. In order to resolve these issues, Competition Commission Pakistan decided to arrange an open hearing session.

In this session, major stakeholders are invited so that their point of view can be voiced. Also, to know what they think about the matter. Ever since the start of the year 2018, the automobile manufacturers in the region have increased the price of vehicles twice. The local consumers were already upset due to lack of features in vehicles. Followed by these surging prices over the period of four months only, has made the customer furious. Under this situation and during the time of prolonged chaos, it was necessary to hold such event. It will not be wrong to say that Competition Commission Pakistan has made a wise and timely decision.

It is the responsibility of all the local manufacturers in the region to deliver products with promising quality. They are being paid the price they like. Under such situation, if they deliver poor quality, it will make any consumer angry. Not only it will frustrate the buyer but also, the customer loyalty with the brand is lost. Adding on, the local companies need to follow the rule of delivering a car within the period of two months. The features of this new car need to be of high quality but unfortunately, none of the manufacturers is following this auto policy.