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Eagle Motorcycle

eagle motorcycle

Eagle Motorcycle Pakistan is a well-known brand of Waqar Shaffi (WS) group. WS is a company of innovation as it never stops experiencing new things and keeps on growing. Furthermore, its transparency and passion for creating a better future make it a company worth trusting. Therefore, they never fail to meet the consumer needs, respect consumer rights and tries its best to generate employment.

Waqar Shaffi Group – Eagle Motorcycle

Waqar Shaffi Group is the brainchild of Mr. Shaffi who laid the foundation of this premier setup way back in 1974. Similarly, Eagle Motorcycle unit was also established by Mr. Waqar Shaffi in 2004-2010 in Mirpur Azad Kashmir Pakistan. However, the complete project supervision was done by Mr. Waqar Bhatti’s son Mr. Yousuf Waqar, the CEO of WS group. As a result, the Waqar Shaffi group has achieved tremendous growth and Mr. Waqar led from the front and showed his quality leadership skills.

Waqar Shaffi Group also manufactures a wide range of auto parts and Motorcycles. Furthermore, Eagle Motorcycle 2017 models from 70cc motorcycles to 100cc motorcycle. Currently, they are manufacturing Prime 70cc, Gold 70cc, Fire Bolt 70cc and Fire Bolt 100cc.

In addition to that, WS also deals in wide range of product line. ie.; Polyurethane Foam, Spring Mattresses, Bi-cycles, Auto Parts, Packing &Insulation Material and Café restaurants.