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Electric Car to be Introduced in Pakistan


We often wonder where the world is moving to with all the advancements being made in technology. It always seems unlikely that a new invention would be possible yet when it does comes into being it makes complete sense. With something new coming into existence every once in a while, Pakistan’s government, in its budget for the year 2018 to 2019 has stated a few incentives for electric transportation. With the country moving towards development and heading fast into the future. Rahmat group, signed a memorandum of understandings (MoUs) with several Chinese corporations. The memorandum was signed with the Chinese companies to create a joint venture for electrical vehicles in Pakistan.

Articles were published about this deal with the Chinese corporations. The newspaper articles in Dawn had interesting information regarding this. It said that the Rahmat group had already acquired twenty-five acres of land to build an electrical complex at the site of Nooriabad. In the initial and early stages of this venture, the corporation may manufacture electrical buses to knock the transport market and when the business starts to move to its secondary stages, a production plant may be established at the Nooriabad complex to provide with electrical automobiles, two-wheelers, and other transport facilities.

The group is submitting an application to the Board of Investment and Ministry of Industries. And once the approval has been provided, the businesses can move quickly to introduce their new vehicles. At first, CBU units might be foreign for introduction among the time of 3 to 4 months.

A couple of Chinese firms signed MoUs with the Rahmat group.  Haohong Motors, Shanghai Shenlong Bus Co Ltd, Weifang Shandong electric power Technology Co Ltd,, Wuxi Shengbao electrical Vehicle Company.

Rahmat group is however not the sole company to launch electrical vehicles in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. JAC Motors has additionally proclaimed to introduce electric vehicles within the country before long.

Developing countries, like our very own (Pakistan), are moving from primary fuel based vehicles to electric cars to tackle down and overcome global climate change (global warming) and heating, and China could be a leader during this initiative. And while not a doubt, it’s excellent news that a Chinese manufacturer is getting to come to an Asian country.

The government took initiatives like exemption of customs duty on electrical vehicles. Although electronic vehicles are a giant step towards advancement. It is fair to always stay ready for better and more complex introductions in the car industry.