Do Electric Vehicles Have A Future in Pakistan? |

Do Electric Vehicles Have A Future in Pakistan?

Recently, the world is being insane after the electric cars. The main reason behind electric vehicles popularity across the world is mainly due to its environmentally friendly characteristics. However, we as nation way behind to consider eco-friendliness of a vehicle or maybe we can. Living in third world country number of things need to be brought into consideration before purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle. Since electric cars rely on batteries which are charged electrically, the need of fuel is totally minimized.

Electric Vehicles and Pakistan

A country where electricity is not sufficient for the household. At such a point, thinking of electric cars is quite foolish. Yet relying on consumers demand and market representatives surveys, it is quite apparent that electric cars demand is increasing worldwide. However, don’t get too excited just right now. According to these surveys, it is even quite obvious that sales of electric vehicles are negligible. The government of Pakistan has tried to make an attempt in the promotion of electric cars. The Auto Policy, 2016 encourage electric car manufacturers to establish their plant in Pakistan. However, the lack of infrastructure and awareness is continuously resulting in anticipating zero future of electric cars in Pakistan.


The consumers are not well informed or aware of electric cars. Not only this, number of people do not even know the major difference between electric vehicle and commercial vehicle. The policies which are put forward by the government are quite demanding and unfriendly. The monopoly of already established brands, lack of infrastructure. These electric vehicles require long charging times. government strategies have their own unskilled, laborious employees –

Advantages of Electric  Vehicles

Electric Vehicles have the number of advantages in comparison to commercial vehicles. These vehicles capability to require no fuel is their biggest plus point. The prices of oil are increasing worldwide and so in Pakistan. It promotes clean air in the country and if it gains popularity in Pakistan this will result in the much cleaner air in the region.