EU Traffic Rules Launched in Mansehra KPK Pakistan|

EU Traffic Rules Launched in Mansehra KPK

Image Credit: Arab News

EU Traffic Rules Launched in Mansehra KPK

The police of KPK have taken the finest of measures in order to maintain traffic rules and regulation in the region. The province has brought into practice traffic rule system influenced by European system. Therefore the provision of license will be done according to the European system. The main aim behind this measure to reinforce the importance of traffic rules. Followed by consequences of violating these rules on the general public.  Initially, this traffic system will be introduced in Manshera district later spreading its wing to other areas in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Now let’s talk about what the European traffic rule is all about.  According to the new traffic rule system, every driver would get 100 points on his license. Every time the traffic rules are violated, 10 points will be deducted from their license. As a result, when an individual reaches zero points after violating traffic rules 10 times his license will be canceled. In order to regain the license, driver would have to volunteer in community service particularly for Public Social Responsibility scheme.


There is total of three different social services one can participate in. On the completion of one of these services, the license will be reissued to the driver.

  1. The driver would either have to plant total of ten trees in different localities. He may even choose to serve 10 consecutive days in Forestation Department.
  2. The individual can work with Town Municipal Administration, participating in city cleaning activities for 10 days.
  3. Lastly and probably the easiest. The individual would have to work with traffic police for 10 days. Particularly helping small children cross the road.


This new European traffic rule system has received much appreciation from the local citizens. Moreover, it is the first time any such measure has been taken place in the country. This type of initiative is certainly going to promote lot of positivity among the citizens. Promoting the feeling of ownership to the nation. However, it is important that this traffic rule is abided seriously and not taken for granted.