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FBR Outlines Plan to Sell Confiscated Vehicles to Govt. Departments

One of the most recent news highlights that the confiscated vehicles will now be sold out to the government departments. This proposal has been put forward by Federal Board of Revenue (FBR). According to the report the first preference will be given to the Custom Department. So that the efficiency of the department can be enhanced. Since the Customs Department is majorly involved in performing duties such as stopping smuggling and invasion. Therefore it is necessary for the Customs Department to stay ahead in the terms of technology. Later, the remaining vehicles will be sold to Educational and Healthcare Departments.

FBI plans on carrying out this procedure in quite an organized manner. The distribution of these vehicles will be made through cut and weld chassis hold numbers to make sure uniformity. This will certify that all the departments have received cars of similar technicality. None of the department has been favored or neglected.

These confiscated vehicles will be sold to the Government as well as Semi-Government departments. Federal, Semi Government, and Provincial Government will be eligible to buy these vehicles. Educational Institutes including Scientific and Medical Institutions which are owned by the government can also benefit from this measure. The sale of these vehicles is strictly forbidden to any individual for his personal use.

Sale Criteria Confiscated Vehicles

A proper set of terms and conditions need to be followed in order to purchase these confiscated cars. The purchase of these vehicles made by the Federal Government or Provisional Government, request will be put forward by secretaries. This request will be submitted directly to the Director General, Chief Collector or Director/Collector of custom. Only then the vehicle will be made available for use to the department. Others applying for these confiscated vehicles needs to provide a request by the head of the department or organization.

The payment of these confiscated vehicles is another complex procedure. The payment will only be accepted when it is made through the official head of expenditure of the relevant department. Neither cash nor cheques made from individual accounts will be accepted. The registration of these confiscated vehicles will be total responsibility of the department purchasing them. Adding on, these vehicles will be sold on the basis of ‘as is where is’. This means they cannot be transferred further to any person or any organization. All these vehicles will be sold on no refund policy. However, the Director-General or Chief Collector will have the authority to reject the request of purchase without giving any justifications. Lastly, the details of the confiscated vehicle will be provided to the relevant department by the Directorate on daily basis.

At one point this measure will help a number of departments but at the same time, it may give rise to corruption as well. Although the procedure looks transparent how will this procedure be tempered for personal interest, you never know. However, one can hope that this new step works in the favor of the country and well being of citizens.