Federal & other Provinces Cars have to Get RE-Registered in Punjab

Federal & other Provinces Cars have to Get RE-Registered in Punjab

In the recent years, the number of vehicles on the road is at a constant rise. Another trend which has been spotted is that the vehicle number plate is of different provinces in Pakistan. This creates a very confusing situation for the government operating in each region. Since this does not give them a rough idea of a total number of vehicles in the city. Therefore, infrastructure cannot be developed according to the requirement.

According to one of the source, it’s been reported that Excise and Taxation Department have introduced the new law. This law is passed particularly by Excise and Taxation Department, Punjab. This new law requires one to re.register the car with Punjab government if the vehicles have registration from elsewhere. This rule does not apply to all the cars. Cars which are going to stay in Punjab region for less than 60days do not fall under this category.

The Excise and Taxation Department operating in Punjab has made car registration compulsory. The cars which are in the region for more than 60days need to be registered. The cars from other areas including Sindh, Federal, KPK, and Balochistan are supposed to get their vehicle registered. After the registration, these cars will be given Punjab number plate.

Additional DG Excise and Taxation, Punjab, Mr.Chaudhry Masood Ul Haq stated cars with Federal number plate have to get re.registered. If the driving period is exceeding 60 days duration, an individual will be needing Punjab number plate.

It is no surprise that most of the time citizens spot car number plates of the different region. Most of the time these number plates are of Federal or Sindh. The individual pays tax but in the favor of the region or area, they belong to which as a result, damage Punjab economy. Moreover, this new law will further help to reduce the crime rate in the province. Majority of the time when the vehicle is involved in criminal cases, criminals tend to use a vehicle with different number plates. This narrow down the chances of being caught by the police as its hard to track the record. This initiative is aimed towards reducing the crime rate in Punjab. Also, to catalyst the economy of Punjab to some extent. Although as a layman I really don’t think so it will have a significant impact on the economy at least.

Another question is even if someone plan on getting their vehicle registered so how to go about it? There is hardly any information available which tells about the procedure of car re.registration. Also, there is no deadline passed which mentions when will this rule be effective. Apparently, it looks like it’s all haywire and the Excise and Taxation Department is not certain themselves.