First Female Careem Bike Captain Lahore Pakistan |

First Female Careem Bike Captain

Careem is one of the organizations, whose service has taken Pakistan by storm. Eventually enabling the company to spread its wing in numerous countries and try the various mode of transport for their service. Not long ago, Careem Pakistan introduced not only male captains but female captains as well for cars. Later, the company tried their luck in coming up with Careem bikes and Careem rickshaw.

The real surprise came for people when Careem Pakistan decided to act little out of the box, introducing female Careem bike captains. Yes, female Careem Pakistan bike captain is a thing and people had mixed emotions about the new concept. However, on the other hand, the actual question was even if this exist will any female be willing to come up? Actually aiming to pursue bike captain job. Since Pakistan is patriarchal society and the taboo of girls riding a bike are tremendous. Weighing down women empowerment.

Yet, on the other hand, the brave ladies like Ms. Riffat Shehraz are the breeze of fresh air and of course hope. Wondering who is Ms. Riffat Shehraz? The first female Careem Bikes captain not only in Lahore but in Pakistan. A woman who is purely determined in following her passion instead of being tied down by “loug kya kahay gay”. According to the source, Ms. Riffat Shehraz has a passion to ride the bike since childhood. However, she is among few of those gutsy women to actually follow what they like to do. The female, Careem Pakistan bike captain further added that motorcycle is a simple mode of transport. Just like cars it does not come with a tag restricting bikes to be driven by males only. It is free from gender biases and anyone who wish to drive a bike should go ahead and do so. Furthermore, she is also encouraging towards other females adding that if given opportunity women can do a lot more. However, it will not be wrong to say that you make opportunities by yourself.  If somebody does not give you way, make way and Ms. Riffat Shehraz is a perfect example of it.

As Bike captain journey for Ms. Riffat have been fruitful so far. It did not only polished her bike riding skills but at the same, made her more familiar with places. Before Careem Pakistan bike captain she would hesitate to visit certain city areas due to security concerns. However, now she frequently visits these areas as per customer request. Further, helping her in self-development and boosting her confidence. The remarkable thing about this female Careem bike captain that her day starts at 9 am and drive bike for 13-14hrs. The main focus of Ms. Riffat is delivering customer satisfaction. Making each client happy and trying her best not to say no to any customer.

In her journey as CareemBike captain so far, she has not faced any major issues either with passengers, security or misconduct. All the minor issues are to exist in any profession irrespective of whatever gender you are.  It is quite liberating to know that all the passengers respect this lady Careem bikes captain. Neither male nor females have demonstrated hatred or caused trouble for doing something out of the box.