Catch the Final Results of Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018 |

Catch the Final Results of Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018

Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018 Results

Did you miss out checking on with the results of Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018? If yes, then you do not need to search around here and there. Right through this blog post, we will be heading on with the complete discussion about the newly announced results of Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018!

Each single year Cholistan Rally has been said out to be one of the most awaited events. Finally, after such a huge entertainment, this celebration festival of jeeps came to an end up. And we have our winner! Yes, you heard it right! We have Mir Nadir Magsi as the winner of Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018 the year. He has been honored with the trophy as over the prepared category for the second time straight away in this event timeline. He took into account almost with the 4 hours 32 minutes and almost 9 seconds to cover up the whole track line.

On the second spot, we do have the name of Sahibzada Sultan who finishes the track in the duration of just 4 hours and 37 minutes. Thus, this was all followed up with the name of Jaffar Magsi who did finish the track in the time period of about 4 hours and almost 39 minutes to make the place in the third spot.

List of Players In Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018:

Below we will be enlisting down with the list of the players who were part of Cholistan Jeep Rally 2018:

  • Nadir Magsi
  • Sahibzada Sultan
  • Jaffar Magsi
  • Faisal Shadi Khel
  • Owais Khakwani
  • Asad Shadi Khel
  • Mian Rafiq Ahmed
  • Gohar Sangi
  • Amir Anwar
  • Zafar Khan Baloch
  • Shaheen Iqbal
  • Falak Sher

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