Ghandara Nissan Signs Importer Agreement with Renault to Import Heavy Trucks

Ghandara Nissan Signs Importer Agreement with Renault to Import Heavy Trucks

In the recent years, the company Ghandhara Nissan Limited has shown a lot of progress. They are actively working towards the betterment of the company and their products. They are not only collaborating with international companies,but they are also continuously working towards improving their resource bank. The company Ghandhara Nissan Limited (GHNL) recently got into an agreement with Renault. For those who are not well aware of Renault, it is pertinent to mention that they are French manufacturers. The company is operating since 1899 and they produce a vast range of quality vehicles. They manufacture tractors, trucks, tanks, auto rails and buses.

Recently, both the companies Ghandhara Nissan and Renault signed a mutual agreement. The main aim of the agreement is to import Renault Trucks from France. This agreement permits Ghandhara Nissan to import heavy vehicles from Renault. Ghandhara Nissan also sent a notification to stock exchange recently regarding the deal between the two. It is further brought into notice that Ghandhara Nissan has already imported quite a few trucks from Renault. These trucks which were imported are in CBU condition and the reason behind this import was to test these truck. This testing and trial of these trucks will help determine if it is feasible to import these trucks in near future or not.

Ghandhara Nissan Limited (GHNL) was rewarded B Category, Brownfield Investment Status. This status was awarded by Ministry of Industries and Production in late March according to Automotive Development Policy 2016-2021. According to the rumors, Ghandhara was looking forward to starting its production once again in Pakistan. The production has to be in accordance with Auto Development Policy 2016-2021. It is further said that delegations from the number of companies met Dr.Miftah Ismail, Minister of State. Few of the companies include Nissan Japan, Al Futtaim Group UAE, Renault France and Ghandhara Nissan Limited. The delegates from these companies met the Minister of State to discuss vehicle production commencement timeline. They were even focused towards restarting production in the region by 2017 but unfortunately, it did happen.

In October 2017 – BOI officials were approached by Ghandhara Nissan CEO and his team. The company was looking forward to seeking permission for restarting its plant in Pakistan. However, later on it was reported that the company failed to achieve Brownfield status. The company is willing to invest $200 million on its plant provided they are awarded status of Brownfield. Adding on if they are not granted this status they will move their business to Algeria. They will further move out their investment from the country. Therefore, Board of Investment and EDB agreed upon granting the company Brownfield status under new auto policy law 2016-2021.

This status enables Ghandhara Nissan to import auto parts at low price. Since the custom duty have been reduced for them for three years. They will be allowed to import parts which are yet not being manufactured in Pakistan only at 10% custom duty. Whereas the products which are being manufactured in Pakistan can be imported at 25% custom duty.