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Ghani Kick Start

ghani kick start
Ghani kick start

Ghani Kick Start Price Rs: 44,500
Image Credit: Ghani Automobile Industries

Ghani motorcycle 70cc is one of the finest inventions when one talk about economically priced bikes. This Ghani motorcycle is available both in kickstart and self-start. Successfully catering to the market of old consumers, who want to use a bike in the more traditional way. At the same, meeting the need for young generation who want technological innovation of self-start motorcycle. Ghani kickstart is already readily available in the market and one can buy easily from Ghani motorcycle company registered dealers. Ghani kick start manages to bag the title of an economical motorcycle with great mileage of minimum 85km at 1liter.

Company Overview

Ghani motorcycle company is doing business in Pakistan since 2004. The company is quite new in comparison to its competitor. However, it’s been least a decade ever since the company started to do business in the region. Ghani motorcycle company first bike hit the market in 2005. Originally operating from Lahore. The company has their plant in Multan and dealers almost everywhere. One of the key factors about Ghani motorcycle company is that they manufacture their own motorcycles. Unlike most of the names functioning in Pakistan. They only import spare parts and assemble them in the country, selling motorcycles under their name. On the other hand, Ghani kick start are manufactured in the Multan plant which is about 218,000 square feet.

The main aim of launching Ghani kickstart is to meet the transport needs of a common man. Coming up with a bike which is friendly to pocket in all the ways. From mileage to initial purchase to maintain ace everything is in check. Since the design of Ghani kick, start and engineering is done by the finest of engineers. Delivering total satisfaction to customers. Ghani 70 cc kickstart have touch people heart in few years making it way to the top.

Ghani Kick start 70cc

70cc kick-start is in the market since 2005. Every year ghani motorcycle new model enter the market. It is surprising that in each launch ghani kick have innovation, development and cheap price. As the ghani motorcycle main aim is to meet the need of common man. They have not disappoint their buyers. Ghani kick start 70cc is available in the market at the low price of only 43000 for model 2017. ghani 70cc new model 2018 price in Pakistan is certainly going to be around the same range. Price as low as 43000PKR help to meet the increasing transportation need. The local transports are not of much preference to the citizen.

Ghani kick start can certainly be of consideration as a conveyance alternative for people of all ages . Ghani kick start can also be beauty of  house or office just to increase convenience and cover small distances. As the bike price is extremely economical and at the same time, the mileage it cover is excellent. Ghani kick start suspension is another best feature of the bike which is beyond great. The gear box is also best at doing its job and is not agitating like most of 70cc motorcycles.

Technical Specification

Ghani KickStart is one of those bikes which have great power. The engine gains much of the attention. Ghani motorcycle company have given this beauty 4 strokes, single cylinder engine. Air cooled OHC like most of the motorcycles. The quality of engine is terrific and superb delivering company promise of quality. The Ghani Kick Start is one of those bikes which give great road experience. The dry weight of the Ghani kickstartt is 88kg which mean the bike is extremely light in weight. Therefore, it will thrill youngsters as speeding is easy as the weight decreases. As most of the bikes weight is around 100kgs. Ghani kick starts having electronic ignition C.D.1.

The bike displacement is approximately 72cm3, making power producing capability slightly less. The Ghani motorcycle 70cc clutch is wet type multi-plate, which further adds to road comfort. Adding convenience for the rider as it requires less force and power at the time of usage. However, the capacity of fuel tank is 9 liters and yet again company did not disappoint its consumers. As most of the bikes have a capacity of 10liters. Furthermore, bore and stroke of Ghani kickstart are 47.0 x 41.4 mm. Tires at the front and back size are both 2.50-17-6PR. DThe dimension of a bike is 1905 x 760 x 1041.5 (lx w x h) with a ground clearance of 150mm.

The WOW Factors

Ghani kickstart does not have typical diamond frame resembling cycles but instead have diamond type frame. This type of frame is similar to the backbone structure and connects to steering. Keeping the bike less costly and less technical to use. The backbone frame has engine and subframe bolted to it. Ghani kickstart has alloy rims. They are attractive and can resist strong weather conditions. The bike front is heavy duty and powerful so that it can absorb shock in case of accidents. Even providing smooth running of a bike on bumpy roads.

The company has added an exciting feature to Ghani kickstart which is gear indication on Speedometer. Most of the dealers operating in Pakistan give six months after sale warranty or on first 6000kms. However, Ghani motorcycle company give one year warranty or over the first 12000kms. The warranty duration is double than what other companies offer.


 Ghani kickstart is a fine invention of Ghani motorcycle company. A bike which is friendly on pocket costing 45,500 PKR. Also, having exciting features. Moreover, the company focus on delivering excellence. People can without difficulty locate sellers on the Ghani motorcycle company website. Ghani kickstart will make one happy at the time of resale as well. Having great market for second-hand buyers of Ghani kick start 70cc 2019.  In short, Ghani kick start motorcycle least deserves a chance to make it to your list of favorite bikes. One will definitely not find all these technical features anywhere else at such a great price.


Ghani Kick Start 2019 Model Specification

Engine4-Stroke Air Cooled OHCDisplacement
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mmCompression Ratio9.1 : 1
ClutchWet Multiple PlatesTransmission4 Speed Constant Mesh
StartingKick StartFrame
Dimension (Lxwxh)Ground Clearance150 mm
Petrol CapacityTyre at Front2.50-17-6PR
Tyre at Back2.75-17-6PRDry Weight88 KG