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Ghani Self Start

ghani 70cc self start
Ghani 70cc Self Start

Ghani 70cc Self  Start Price Rs: 57,500
Image Credit: Ghani Automobile Industries

The concept of kickstart bikes is now becoming history. As we move towards a modern time, self-start bikes have become popular. Consequently, such bikes are more in demand then kickstart bikes. However, such bikes are more expensive and not everyone can buy them. However, Ghani Automobile Industries has made a solution to this problem. The latest model is the Ghani 70CC self-start bike, which is a great motorcycle at an affordable price.

Ghani 70cc Self Start Company History

Ghani self start motorcycle is a product of the company Ghani Group, which is also listed on the Stock Exchange. The company began in 2004, but the Ghani motorcycle 70 cc began its production in 2005. The head office is in Model Town, Lahore. Moreover, Ghani 70 cc self-start plant is on Multan Road, 45 kms away from its head office. Ghani motorcycle 70 cc plant covers an area of around 218,000 square feet. The aim of creating the Ghani 70cc self-start is to cater to the needs of the common man. As a result, Ghani self start motorcycles are available at the minimum price.

Ghani Automobiles aims to give the best products which can satisfy the customers. Moreover, it also aims to use the values of the company to get the wanted goals. Furthermore, this company has the vision to work with honesty and freedom.

Ghani 70 cc self-start bikes offer high-quality products which are also innovative and reliable. These self-start motorcycles give customers the highest level of happiness. Moreover, the plant of Ghani 70 cc’s self-start bikes is made with advanced and state of the art machines. This plant makes 70 cc and 100 cc motorcycles and follows the best practices in engineering and quality control.

Ghani 70cc Self-Start Features

Before talking about the features, the best thing about Ghani 70 cc self-start is its resale. Moreover, the gearbox is also very good compared to other 70cc motorcycles. The Ghani motorcycle 70cc goes up to 84 km’s in 1 liter of petrol. Other than that, not only is the Ghani 70 cc self-start, but it also comes with a remote control. The rims on this bike are alloy rim, as a result, it also has heavy duty front shock absorber.

Moreover, the rear shock of the Ghani motorcycle 70 cc is adjustable according to the customer’s needs. In addition to all this, this bike also comes with an RPM and a speedometer which displays gear signals.

On the other hand, if we move towards the technical features of Ghani 70 cc self-start, they are equally good. The engine type is a 4 Stroke Air Cooled OHC, whereas the shift is 72 CM. The bore and stroke is 47.0 x 41.4 mm, however, the compression ratio is 9.1:1. The maximum horsepower is 7.0 PS/8500 RPM, whereas the maximum torque is 0.55 Kg-m/6500 RPM. The overall length and width is 1905 x 760 mm, whereas its height is 1401.5 mm. In addition to this, Ghani 70 cc self-start has a wheelbase of 1219.2 mm and a ground clearance of 150 mm.

The Ghani 70 cc self-start only weighs 88 Kg, which makes it super fast on the road. With a 4-speed constant mesh transmission and wet-multiple plates, this bike also has alloy rims. The front tyre is 2.50-17- 6 PR, whereas the rear tyre is 2.75-17- 6 PR. The Ghani GI 70cc self-start has also an electronic ignition CDI, making it one hell of a bike. The fuel tank capacity is 9 liters, whereas the engine oil capacity is 0.7 liter. Where every other bike brand gives 6 months warranty, Ghani 70 cc self-start has a warranty of 1 year.

The features of the Ghani 70 cc self-start 7 further include a durable rear wheel and a safety seat bar. Moreover, the bike also consists of a tail up, sporty design muffler exhaust which all the users admire. Furthermore, the Ghani Gi 70 motorcycle 70 also has a strong side cover with lock and a modern shaped fuel tank. This bike is one of a kind and is perfect in all aspects. That is one of the reasons why its sales are rising.

Ghani 70 cc Self Start’s Comfort

Ghani 70cc Self Start has another very good quality seats. Whereas other Chinese bikes don’t have good leather and foam in their seats. That makes long bike journeys also very uncomfortable and painful. However, the leather and foam used in the Ghani GI 70 motorcycle seats are of very good quality. Ultimately, it also makes the ride comfortable for the rider and the partner sitting at the back as well. The body frame of this amazing bike is the backbone.

Other than that, the seat nicely and widely fits on the body, making the ride comfortable. As a result, more and more people chose the Ghani GI 70cc self-start. The shock absorbers in this bike also play a role in making the ride less bumpy.

Ghani 70cc Self  Start Price

It is hard to believe the price of this amazing motorcycle. All other bikes in this range are very expensive. As a matter of fact, the price of this amazing and super fast motorcycle is just Rs. 57,500/-. If you own a bike yourself, you know that this is nothing for the features it provides. If I needed a bike for this amount, I would no doubt choose the Ghani 70 cc self-start. I would also use the self-start feature to attract people, whereby winning races with friends.

The Ghani 70 cc self-start offers the top of the line features, in this amount of money. As a result, everyone looking for an action-packed motorcycle should take a look at this. I believe, the Ghani GI 70 cc Self Start Bike is truly an economical option in self-start 70cc motorcycle for the masses.


ghani 70cc self start
Color Red

Ghani 70cc Self Start 2019 Specification

Engine4-Stroke Air Cooled OHCDisplacement
Bore & Stroke47.0 x 41.4 mmCompression Ratio9.1 : 1
ClutchWet Multiple PlatesTransmission4 Speed Constant Mesh
StartingSelf StartFrame
Dimension (Lxwxh)Ground Clearance150 mm
Petrol CapacityTyre at Front2.50-17-6PR
Tyre at Back2.75-17-6PRDry Weight88 KG