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Ghani Automobile Industries

ghani automobile Industries

Ghani Automobile Industries was set up in 2004. This is a company of the famous Ghani group. Ghani Automobile Industries is public listed Company in PSE. The production of bikes began in 2005 by Ghani automobile industries. Moreover, Plants of the company are located at Multan road with an area of 218,000sq ft and the head office is at Model Town, Lahore. The aim of the Ghani Automobile Industries is to manufacture a source of transport for a common man in the minimum price possible. Moreover, the company is popular for manufacturing good quality products and hasn’t broken the streak till date.

Aim and Vision

Ghani Automobiles Industries Ltd aims to provide the best quality products which can satisfy the customers. Moreover, it also aims to efficiently utilize the philosophies of the company to achieve the desired goals. Furthermore, The company has the vision to work with honesty and self-determination. With full trust in almighty, it aims to be the best in the automobile manufacturers in Pakistan. The workers are putting endless efforts 24/7 to achieve the desired goals of the company.

Ghani Motorcycles

The motorcycles of the famous Ghani automobiles industries Ltd are popular throughout Pakistan. All of the users appreciate the quality and prices of Ghani Motorcycles. The company has also launched a new bike in 2017 which is the Ghani Gi 100cc.

The bike has great features and is been a success. It has a 4 stroke OHC engine single cylinder which is air cooled. Moreover, the engine has a 6 months warranty. More to it, the seats are extremely comfortable and the bike has beautiful graphics. Furthermore, the petrol tank has a capacity of 9 liters which is very nice. The bike also has very eco-friendly brakes and gives up to 55km mileage in 1 liter. The price in Pakistan of this bike is around 54,000rs which is a very good price for a bike with such features. Thus, this Ghani Gi 100c is called as ‘All in one’.