How to be a Good Pillion Rider |

How to be a good Pillion Rider

Being a pillion rider on a bike isn’t as basic as it may look. A decent pillion can make an adventure, regardless of how huge or little, beneficial.

Here are few tips and hints to be a decent secondary rider also known as pillion rider:


Unnecessary Movement

Bike is one of the transport, where maintaining balance remains crucially important. Keeping the bike stable isn’t just the duty of one driving the bike but also of pillion. Moving without the need and unnecessarily can misbalance the bike.

Be aware of Riders Movement

Being a pillion, you must be in a state of harmony with the rider. When he moves from side to side while riding a bike. While you don’t need to move as much as the rider himself. However simply keep your body position in a state of harmony.


Grip the rider from waist

If you need to hold the rider, at that point wrap your arms around his stomach. Make sure you are not holding too tight as this will make the rider extremely uneasy. Hold quite delicately if its moderately, decent ride.

Try not to put your arms on the shoulders as it limits free body movement of the rider.

Do not put your weight on the rider

Do not lay yourself on the back of the rider. Additionally, when the rider hit brakes, avoid putting your body weight on the rider. Number of bikes have safety bar so pillion can hold them at whatever point required. Holding them particularly in the event of hard braking can help in restraining from putting pointless weight on the rider.


Focus on the road as much as the rider

You aren’t riding the bike doesn’t mean you can be careless of what’s happening the street. A pillion must be as focused out and about as the rider himself. Think yourself as a co-pilot.


As a pillion, you can help the rider in monitoring what’s around him. If you want to inform anything to rider keep it short, basic and clear.


Do not fall asleep:

No issue how clear this is, never rest off while riding as a pillion. Nothing can be more hazardous for the pillion and the rider if the pillion begins to sleep.

Continue conversing with the rider frequently so you can occupy yourself from the drowsiness. Additionally, keep your focus out and about by consistently looking around. In conclusion, have some tea or coffee before the ride , so that you remain alert.


Restrain from unwanted excitement

Saw something on the road which made you extremely excited, keep it under control. Do not try to gain attention of the rider. When riding as a pillion, it is necessary to let the rider focus more out and about on the road.


Avoid drinking or eating

Remember, you are not sitting in a car as a traveler with a safety belt on. On a bike, don’t drink regardless of whether you are not riding. It bothers the one driving the bike along with being uncomfortable for you too.


We trust these pointers can help all of us in ending up as better pillion riders. Like we said before, a great pillion can have several advantages.