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The Harley Davidson Bikes Store Karachi Pakistan

The youth of Pakistan is looking forward to buying motorcycles like never before. The improved situation of the country is further pushing young blood to follow their dream of riding two-wheelers. Not long ago, Karachiites were blessed with – The Harley Store Karachi. The store which opened in January 2017 is now certainly a big thing.

For those who are not well aware of Harley Davidson. I would like to add that, Harley Davidson bikes origin can be found back in 1903. It is an American brand which manufactures motorcycles. Harley Davidson bikes are manufactured in various countries including Pennsylvania, Kansas City, Brazil as well as  India. Over the years Harley Davidson bikes have earned a great reputation. It is now one of the most popular brands for motorcycles. Followed by being the largest manufacturers of motorcycles with great customer loyalty.

Harley Davidson bikes are most known for the feature of customization. Where the owner of the bike can make changes in the bike as per requirement. The most popular of these styles are Harley Davidson chopper motorcycles. Adding on, the engine displacement of these Harley Davidson bikes is more than 700cm3.

Moving on to Harley Davidson Karachi showroom. The idea is coming from bike lover himself, Mr.Maaz Naveed. The main idea behind opening Harley Davidson Store Karachi was to meet the increasing demand for luxury bikes. Therefore, by an opening of this store the bikes itself are not only easily accessible but also, their parts. Yes! that’s the catch, they are not only providing chopper bikes for sale in Pakistan but also the accessories.

Harley  Davidson Bikes store not only has engine oil, helmets but also jackets and t-shirts of number one motorcycle manufacturers. Adding on, it certainly looks like that the owners have put their heart and soul when coming up with this store. If this was not the case, the store would not have been able to sell 180 bikes so far.  On the other hand, it really does not matter where you live in Pakistan. Since Harley Davidson bikes can reach you almost anywhere and everywhere.

The store is located in a posh locality in Karachi and the interior of the store is just done right.  Moreover, Harley Davidson bikes are well suited for the roads of Pakistan. Let it be any region, they assure smooth and comfortable ride. However, there are no guesses regarding the price range being high. The price range of these is between PKR.1 million to PKR.4 million. Furthermore, if you want to get your Harley Davidson bike customized that can be done as well.

One thing which is worthy of mentioning is Harley Davidson Store Karachi has no affiliation with Harley Davidson Company. Harley Davidson bikes are being imported from Harley Davidson dealer in Chicago USA. Moreover, these Harley Davidson bikes are reburbished. The Karachi showroom does provide warranty for the bikes but that’s local warranty. Solely, the responsibility of Harley Davidson Store in Karachi. The main aim of opening a store in Pakistan was to make these bikes easily available. Also, to promote the brand Harley Davidson in Pakistan.