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Harley Davidson Launches Low Rider, Deluxe and Fat Boy Anniversary

Harley Davidson most recent launch is being spotted in various areas around the world. Particularly talking about India, the company introduced Low Rider, Deluxe, and Fat Boy Anniversary Edition. Harley Davidson has installed 107 Milwaukee-Eight engine in Low Rider and Deluxe. Whereas Fat Boy Anniversary Edition comes with 114 Milwaukee-Eight, V Twin larger engine. Obviously, since its Harley Davidson the exclusive, premium bikes. Therefore, the prices are whopping as well.  Low Rider, Deluxe and Fat Boy Anniversary Edition all these bikes cost over a million. They have been introduced Harley Davidson Low Rider in India for Rs.12.99 lakh, Rs.17.9 lakh, and 19.8 lakh respectively.

Harley Davidson Low Rider, Deluxe, and Fat Boy

Low Rider has more of typical Harley Davidson appeal. The roadster type design along with alloy wheels, 2X2 exhaust pipes and headlight visor and dual tank instrument cluster. On the other hand, Deluxe has been following more of traditional, old-school appearance. The white wall tyres along with spoke wheels make the bike stand out.  Furthermore, gigantic LED headlights along with two complementary side lamps. The neatly done mudguards and attractively unique tail lights.  Fat Boy Anniversary, on the other hand, is introduced with new graphics in comparison to previous Fat Boy model. Certainly, these beauties will leave you awestruck.

All these bikes are given stiffer and lighter bodies which will indeed make the drive pleasurable. Moreover, it has Showa Dual Bending Valves (SDBV) front forks along with monoshocks in the rear. Therefore, these alluring bikes from Harley Davidson offer comfortable ride along with exceptional bike control. Low Rider and Deluxe has 107 Milwaukee-Eight V-twin motor engines. They offer insane displacement of 1745cc which is as good as a car. These models have been refined along with great performance in comparison to previous models. Delivering torque 144Nm, enabling you to touch the highest speed.  Whereas Fat Boy Anniversary Edition has 114 Milwaukee-Eight V-twin motor, which is larger and better. The displacement of this beauty is 1868cc with torque 155Nm.