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Multistrada 1200 s

multistrada 1200 s
Multistrada 1200 s

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Image Credit: Ducati

A four bike in one concept, cutting-edge technology and perfect for traveling long distances. Ducati Multistrada 1200s is also truly a multi-bike. It is fun on roads and agile in its performance, this bike is a perfect sports bike.

This Italian styled superbikes best feature is its Ducati Testastretta DVT engine. In addition to this, an eight-valve liquid-cooled V-twin1198.4cc engine with desmodromic variable timings for the valve works with adjustable camshafts. This machine is surely versatile, it can go everywhere, whether it is a bumpy road, a race track.

Multistrada 1200 s has Four Riding Modes

The Urban mode makes you ride easily on the busy streets of the city. Whereas, the Enduro pack restricts the power and guarantees maximum riding control. The touring pack is meant to travel longer distances by liberating more horsepower and providing more comfort. It also includes a set of side panniers, with a total capacity of 58 LTR, a heated handlebar, adjustable on 3 levels, and a center stand. The Sports riding mode is a burst of acceleration, which helps the riders in hitting the road with maximum power.

Apart from these specifications, Ducati Multistrada 1200s is equipped with the Ducati Multimedia System (DMS). As it allows accepting an incoming phone call, to select and listen to the favorite songs and be alert for a new SMS via Bluetooth technology.

This superbike also includes the Brembo braking system which provides optimum performance.

multistrada 1200 s
Multistrada 1200s