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Multistrada 1200

multistrada 1200

Multistrada 1200 Price US $:

Image Credit: Ducati

Maximum riding performance along with super rider oriented technology. The Multistrada 1200 is the most comfortable ride one could ever dream of.

The Italian style Multistrada 1200cc is powered by the brand-new revolutionary Ducati Testastretta DVT engine which adopts a Desmodromic continuous variable valve timing to optimize power and torque across a wider rpm band making it one of its class and delivering an unprecedented combination of breath-taking-torque, smoothness, and also low fuel consumption. The DVT system also helps in operating the engine efficiently thus delivering high and better performance.

Multistrada 1200 Riding Modes:

Along with the variable timing on all cylinder valves, it also offers a wide range of riding modes.

Multistrada1200 Sports Pack

Sports pack designs for the riders who want maximum performance on road. It is also a burst of acceleration with carbon front mudguards. Its also elegant aluminum covers for the brake and clutch fluid tanks.

Multistrada 1200cc Urban Pack

If you want to travel from home to work, then urban riding mode is best for you to travel through the heavy city traffic. It also contains with a pocket tank bag in which you can keep your smartphone and can even charge it because it contains a USB port.

Multistrada1200 Touring Pack

The touring pack is meant for traveling the long distance with ease. It also contains side bags having a capacity of 58 LTR. A heated handlebar which makes your ride super comfortable.

Multistrada1200 Enduro Pack

It offers maximum riding control even in the dirt ride. It also includes the following things: extra lights, engine guard in steel tubing, radiator protection grille. Extension plate for the stand, off-road footpeg set.

multistrada 1200