Motorcycle Helmet Cleaning in Ten Easy Steps |

Helmet Cleaning in 10 Easy Steps

Hygiene maintenance is extremely important, it’s as similar to keeping your clothes and things around you clean. Therefore, cleaning helmet has its own pros. The fact that majority overlooks is that the helmet remains more exposed to the polluted environment.  As a result, it does require often cleaning. Moreover, in scorching heat, the helmet usually holds all the sweat and dirt. From here one can analyze the significance of cleaning helmet. On the other hand, cleaning helmet remains rocket science to many people. Worry no more, since this article will help you through the steps of cleaning helmet.

Things Required

Collect the things you will be needing for helmet cleaning. You may need a screwdriver in some cases. However, the common things required includes a tub of water, shampoo, toothbrush, cotton buds, and paintbrush. Also, nonabrasive sponge, soft and cleaning cloth for wiping.

Getting Started – Helmet Cleaning

Clean the area where you will be cleaning helmet and placing it later to dry. This will avoid any chances of scratches on the helmet. Dismantle your helmet, remove any detachable parts along with removing the visor.


Start with running water on the inner side of the helmet. Add a small amount of shampoo and rub with your hands until it gets foamy. The reason for using shampoo is that its gentle as compared to detergent. Once you feel the inner padding is clean, move onto cleaning helmet shell. Use a sponge with shampoo, rubbing outer shell. Make use of toothbrush or paintbrush for cleaning narrow gaps including vent.

Proceed on by rinsing off the shampoo. Focus particularly on padding as it has the capacity to absorb shampoo. In case of shampoo retention, it will be really uncomfortable. After rinsing properly, keep the helmet in a clean place in direct sunlight. Now rinse off other parts with water and place them safely along with the helmet. Now clean the visor with a soft cloth and gently. Since visor can easily get scratches.

Once everything is dry and done with the attachment of parts. You may use a shining agent to make your helmet appear sparkling clean. Now enjoy your sleek clean helmet.