Honda 125 vs Metro Bike MR 125 | Comparison |

Honda 125 vs MR 125

Honda 125 2017 is trustworthy. The main reason is that it is friendly on almost all types of terrains. Honda 125 is also an icon of style, power, and economy. Honda 125 new model has an amazing fuel consumption and won’t let you down when it comes to the economy. The Honda 125 2017 has a 4-stroke engine and generates 14 horse power. This helps in enjoying a powerful drive. Unlike other bikes today, 125 Honda gives a better fuel average if you ride at a higher speed. This is the point that is going to attract you a big deal.

Furthermore, the Honda 125 new model has brighter lights making it easy for the rider to ride even on roads where there are no traffic lights. This reduces the risk of accidents and you can get a better look at the condition of the traffic at front. A powerful battery makes the start of the Honda 125 2017 bike quite easy and quick. When it comes to price, it is a bit higher than other bikes of its type. However, when you look at its specifications and feature, the price of 125 Honda seems to be not too high. The Honda 125 Price in Pakistan is  Rs. 105,500.

MR 125

The Metro motorcycles are known for its eye catching design, durability, performance, and reasonable prices. Is there anything better than spending less and getting more? Nothing much, I think! The Metro MR 125 gives you the chance to spend a reasonable amount of money and get a rather better result for each penny spent. Basically, the MR 125 has a 70cc budget. However, it has a 125cc engine. It is said to be one of the most economical bikes in recent times. The Metro logo with multicolored graphics adds to its beauty. This amazing bike comes in three colors i.e. blue, black, and red. Moreover, with a 9-liter fuel tank capacity, it is the best choice within the city.

honda 125
Image Credit: Metro Motorcycles

Moreover, the new Metro MR 125 2017 is packed up with a sump, single cylinder, two valves, and four strokes. Furthermore, its powerful shocks and a comfortable leather seat make it easy for the rider even at tough roads. This is the best example of reliability and excellent performance. Its speedometer is quite attractive and breath taking for new riders. Unlike other motorcycles, it has an elegant tail at the back, adding to its beauty. The MR 125 price in Pakistan at its launch was Rs. 75,000.

Honda 125 vs MR 125 – Comparison

When you reach a conclusion, you look for the better bike at an affordable price. When we compare the Metro MR 125 and Honda 125, both have their distinctive features. However, most of their features are similar to each other. Likewise, both have a 4-stroke engine and have a 125cc engine. The Metro MR 125 has a wet type Multi-plate clutch. The biggest difference is the price. The Honda 125 is almost 25,000 more than the Metro MR 125, despite having almost the same features. In my opinion, the person should go for the Metro MR 125 and save money.

honda 125
Honda CG 125
honda 125
Metro MR 125