Honda Bike Price Pakistan 2019 Latest Prices with VIDEO |

Honda Bike Price Pakistan 2019

Bike NamePrice
Honda CG 125PKR 114,500
Honda CD 70PKR 69,500
Honda PridorPKR 95,500
Honda CB 150FPKR 187,000
Honda CB 250FPKR 640,000
Honda CB 500X
Honda CBR 150RPKR 660,000
Honda CBR 500RPKR 1,250,000
Honda CD 70 DreamPKR 73,500
Honda CG 125 DreamPKR 106,900
Honda DeluxePKR 129,500


We all are well aware of the company by the name of Atlas Honda. The company is around since forever now and they have indeed gained a great reputation among its consumers. Providing not only quality but by producing highly innovative products. The company was first started in 1962 and till the date, it’s in joint collaboration with Honda Motor Company Limited Japan. Overall these years the company have accomplished many milestones. The recent milestones include being awarded Best Corporate Report, Research & Publication Award” and “Best Environment & Waste Management Award”. Also, the company annual sale was 900,000 units which certainly speaks about their quality. Moreover, via this article, I would like to shed light on Honda motorcycle price in Pakistan. Keeping the focus on the latest Honda bike price in Pakistan 2019.

Honda 125 2019 Price in Pakistan

Honda 125 is considered as best of the best. Although the local manufacturers did manage to come up with similar bikes. However, they still failed to meet the class of Honda 125 2019. Honda 125 is indeed an icon of power and glamour. Perfect for all kinds of roads and sound with Japanese technology. Moreover, the Euro II technology along with black silencer, further increase its demand. This Honda bike price Pakistan is little on the expensive side but I will still say its value for money. Honda 125 2019 price in Pakistan is about PKR.110,900. Furthermore, Honda 125 comes with 3 years engine warranty and free service offer.

Honda CD 70 New Model 2019 Price in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 new model 2019 price in Pakistan is PKR. 65,500. I have noticed Honda bike price Pakistan is little on the expensive side. Maybe because they charge for the brand name and recognition as well. Honda CD 70 has some of the finest features. To name few, it has elegant fuel tank which enhances its look. Along with durable 70cc OHC power engine which is again economical. Honda CD  is an exceptional bike with thicker spokes and rear wheel which are durable.

Honda CB 150f Price in Pakistan 2019

CB150f, as the name, suggests it’s a total pleasure bike. Either one wants an extremely smooth, thrilling ride or fancy looking bike. Honda CB 150f will certainly not disappoint you. It’s a sporty bike and available in vibrant colors. Adding on, it has a powerful engine and shocks. The bike also has z section die casted alloy rims, digital speedometer and it is self-start. Honda cb150f price in Pakistan 2019 is PKR.172,000. This Honda bike price Pakistan is expensive but not for bike lovers.

Honda CD 70 Dream 2019 in Pakistan

Honda CD 70 Dream 2019 model is particularly suitable for youth as the tagline suggests. CD 70 Dream is indeed a dream come true. The bike is stylish looking and is over and beyond in technology. It is given modern design speedometer. Moreover, a high tech 70cc Econo power engine. Honda CD 70 dream 2019 price in Pakistan is PKR.68,900. I believe Honda bike price Pakistan for CD 70 dream is suitable considering what they are offering.

Honda Pridor 2019 Model Price in Pakistan

Honda Pridor 2019 is a bike for modern riders. It has an appearance of heavy bikes with a great engine displacement of 97.1cm3. Making it a great 100cc bike. Honda Pridor 2019 model price in Pakistan is PKR.90,900.